About Me

Hello, so you've clicked here to find out a bit more about little old me.

Last year I become a mother for the first time and I very recently got engaged... My little girl Phoebe will be making many appearances on the blog I'm sure, and I'm hoping you don't mind if I bring in some new content. In the form of baby related, parenting and wedding themed posts. I also recently started working as a consultant for The Body Shop At Home, where I host parties in the comfort of your own home, and showcase some of the amazing products and offers they have.

Here's a few other things about me that you may not know from reading my blog.

I love to eat and will be found most evenings sitting on my sofa, scoffing my dinner followed by any dessert I can get my hands on. (preferably chocolate flavoured)

If I'm not eating you will find me watching Netflix or Youtube, and if I'm not doing any of the above I can be found sleeping. Another favourite hobby of mine.

I'm obsessed with stationery, and own about a hundred notebooks. I also love to draw, and paint, and I'm hoping to open an Etsy store in the near future, where I'll be selling my art...

That is if I find the time, now I have my little one to look after...

I started Its Just Me Hayley D back in 2014 as a way to let my creativity shine through. First came the blog and later I started my Youtube channel, under the same name. Blogging for me is a great place to share my love of all things Beauty, Fashion, Food & Life related. With a big emphasis on Beauty and Life. I don't really have a strict rule on what and when I'll post, I just post when I can and what I feel passionate about it.

As for my Youtube channel, which you can find here, I'm hoping to relaunch it this year. You'll notice that things have been a little slow on there recently and all I can say is, that I will be back and hopefully with a big bang...

 I really hope what you find here has been helpful, uplifting and hopefully fun.

If you do like what you find here and fancy a chat, leave me a blog comment or send me an email. I love to read each an every comment I receive.

Also if you'd like to work with me please send me an email.


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