Everything you see on this blog has been created by Hayley Goddard (prev Daley-Hannibal) aka me! unless otherwise stated. 

All images are my own unless otherwise stated, so please don't use them without my permission first. 

I'm a PR friendly blogger meaning that from time to time, I will be sent items for review. I may also receive sponsorship and feature advertorials from brands on this blog. 

My views are my own and I have full creative ownership of the content on this blog. I am not swayed by PR companies or Sponsorship platforms to write a biased post. I also do not give false reviews in return for products. 

My content is not available to be pre-approved before posting even if sponsored. My views and opinions are 100% honest, and I hope I don't offend anyone because that is not my intention.

Affiliate links and various adverts appear on this blog, meaning I make a small amount of money if you click on them and purchase from them.

I occasionally run Giveaways on this blog. All prizes in my giveaways will be items I have personally loved using and can fully recommend.
Exclusions can apply.

If you're a PR and would like to work with me, or have any further questions please email me 


Points To Remember

~ All items that are sent to me for review will be marked with * .

~ I will make it clear at the bottom of my post if I have been given sponsorship for that post.

~ Items I receive for reviews are not subject to deadlines unless previously arranged.

~ I may charge for some product reviews.

~ I am not responsible if you have an allergic reaction to any product I recommend, nor am I accountable if said product does not work for you the way it has worked for me.


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