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Summer Fun
Happy bank holiday Monday lovelies... Summer is officially here! Yay! I love summer and the warmer months of the year so much. Everything looks so pretty and everyone seems so much happier, I know I'm always my most happiest when the sun is shining.
How about you? Today I thought I'd share a few of our summer plans with you, and maybe it'll entice you to get out and about aswell...please share your plans in the comments, I'd love to read what your up to.

We have a lot going on on June, first is a little family birthday party in Weston-Super-Mare, I'm really looking forward to this, because it's going to be a real family get together celebrating Anthony's Nan's 80th birthday and she is the most lovely lady, only met her a few times, but she has such a warmth and kindness to her that you just want to be around her for ages. Plus I've never been to weston-super-mare, not sure if we'll have lots of time for exploring but I'll try. Maybe pop to the Grand Pier for an ice cream.

We're having our first family holiday with miss Phoebe this year in Weymouth, and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to show her the beach huts and all the sand. We're also staying right by the sealife park, which I know she'll love. Anthony and I had our first holiday together in weymouth many years ago and he used to go as a child on family holidays almost every summer with his grandparents, so it'll be like we have our own personal tour guide when we go. I'm really hoping we can visit the Jurassic Coast this time aswell, as last time we ran out of time. Just imagine Phoebe's face when she picks up a dinosaur fossil! Okay imagine mine really... :) Dinosaur geek right here!
summer fun
Miss Phoebe turns two in June! Can't believe how quickly she's growing. I miss the baby stage so much, but love watching her grow so much more. We haven't officially got anything planned yet for her big day, because Anthony is unfortunately working on the day, but we're thinking a trip to a local animal park could be fun, or maybe swimming, she loves to swim. Present wise we're thinking a sand pit for the garden.

July brings lots of birthday's to. First is my mother in laws, then Anthony's and then his Granddads. Each will be spent eating I'm sure, there's nothing better then having a nice meal with family is there.

We have a lot of garden BBQ parties planned this year, with friends and family. The first is going to be at my sister's, she's just had a pizza oven installed in her back garden, which I'm so jel of lol. But hey at least I can pop round enjoy the food and not have to think about the tidy up after. Also a friend has recently moved a little nearer to me, so we have a few nights of catching up planned with trips to the cinema thrown in aswell I'm sure.

I'm so excited for this years summer plans...Summer really is the best isn't it!
summer fun
Talk again soon...


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