Is 1 to young to start using the word NO?!

Hello lovely blog readers, gosh it's been forever since I sat down and decided to write something for this blog. ...and I have to confess I actually wrote this post, a long time ago, as in almost a year ago! But it's a goody so read away. Also I'd absolutely love your opinions! 

"Is 1 to young to start using the word No!?"

Definitely not in my opinion... let me explain why! Okay so before I do please don't leave me any nasty comments below, telling me how rubbish I am as a parent, this is just my opinion and experience with parenting. P.S I'm totally just winging the whole parenting thing! There's a huge debate online about whether you should use the word No or just do the whole gentle parenting thing with your 1 year old. What even is gentle parenting?? There's a ton of advice on giving positive instructions rather than negative commands. Like the word No. I'm all for doing things like super nanny does and explaining things to my child, when she does something wrong. But she's so young at the minute, that she won't really understand me. I personally think for now at least using the word No is not harming Phoebe at all. Plus I actually believe she's getting more aware of why I'm using it. 

Read on to see what I mean...

Up until Phoebe was 11 months, I basically had a non moody, quite placid child, but by the time she turned 1. A little moody streak had started rearing it's ugly head... So funny how quickly things can change in just under a month lol. But literally it was as if I had a different baby all of a sudden... she stamps her feet, growls and has started pinching me! Ouch and where has my sweet girl gone? Okay so I still have my sweet girl, but gosh if she's in a mood I better run!

Onto bringing in the word No... it just sort of happened one day, when Phoebe was being a cute little rascal. I can't actually remember what I was saying No to but what ever it was Phoebe found it hilarious! I remember her, looking at me rather perplexed then just grinning from ear to ear. It was as if she knew that whatever I was saying, she wasn't going to listen to it or abide by it. My cheeky 1 year already knows how to play me! Lol Pretty much every day there is something that I will need to use the word No for. "No Phoebe do not grab mummy's glasses, No Phoebe don't go in that draw! No Phoebe you can't eat another packet of mini cheddar's"... Lol the list could go on. I personally don't see any harm in me bringing the word No into her life. 

Shock horror she's actually even started listening to it and stopping what's she's doing, apart from grabbing the mini cheddar's... I now just take them from her and say let's have them at lunch time! I feel I'm quite lucky that Phoebe is a rather well behaved little girl and if I try and distract her away from whatever she's not supposed to be playing with, she's quite happy with me saying the word No.

So there you have it, a little post I write just after Phoebe's first birthday, she's going to be two in june! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. 

So is 1 to young to start using the word NO???

Also sidenote, how blooming cute does Phoebe look in these photo's from her birthday last year!


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