Hello 2018 (my plans)

plans for 2018
Hello to you, and Hello to 2018! I know, I know, I'm a bit late with a hello 2018 post and but hey better late then never, right... A 2017 in review post is coming soon to, but for today, I'm bringing you my hopes, dreams and plans for 2018.

So let's start with my HOPES,
I hope to be a much more productive person. So no more sitting on my arse, watching Netflix while Phoebe has a nap...lol I hope to be a better mum for Phoebe. Teaching her new things, like how precious the bluebells are, and that were not supposed to pick them, (who saw my insta post?! cheeky girl!) is one of my most favourite things to do as a mum, so I hope she appreciates all my efforts when she's older. I hope I'm a good wife for Anthony, (just realized I haven't told you guys I'm a Mrs now!!! Another post coming soon)....and I hope my friendships remain as strong as they are now.

Now for my DREAMS, I have many dreams for this year and the future, but let's not get too carried away and just stick to this years! One dream is to finally start earning enough money so I don't have to rely on Anthony so much anymore. Since having Phoebe and leaving my full time job to become a stay at home mum, it's super tight money wise for us, and because I just need everything. I've been struggling lol. So just as good old Delboy used to say... "this time next year Rodney we'll be millionaires". You've got to believe it to achieve it right!

And lastly my PLANS, well I think I've kind of covered them haven't I! So my main plan is to stick to my hopes and dreams for the year, and hopefully this time next year, or hopefully a little earlier next year, I'll be writing a post telling you all how great I'm doing...


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