D.I.Y: I Got Phoebe's Feet & Hands Cast.

baby foot and hand casting
I've always been a little obsessed with cute little baby hands and feet... I mean aren't we all. There just so blooming adorable. So when I had Phoebe, I knew I wanted a way to remember them forever.
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50 Questions You've Never Been Asked Tag

blog tags
You all know I love a good old tag post, so when I came across this one. Of course I had to share it with you... Just as the title says it's the 50 questions you've never been asked tag 'tag'

So here goes...

What's your favourite candle scent?
I adore all the Christmassy scents, like vanilla, cinnamon, cookies and mulled wine. Basically any and all of the Yankie candles that come out around Christmas time.
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I attended a Baby & Child first aid class

baby and child first aid
Since having Phoebe worrying about her health and well being, is always at the forefront of my mind. So when one of my lovely mummy friends asked if I wanted to attend a baby and child first aid class with her, of course I said yes.
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I owe you an explanation, but let's start with an apology.

personal post
I've been umming and aaarring about writing this post. But I think I need to. Not only for you my lovely readers, but also I need to do it for me.

I have so many things I just need to get off my chest...
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