My Top 5 Disney Films

Okay so I'm going to say it, if you've never watched a Disney film there must be something wrong with you!

I mean I grew up on Disney films and they've definitely made me the person I am today. I just

love all the fairy tales and magicalness (ok so that's definitely not a real word, but it totally should be) about them.

I remember watching Beauty & The Beast for the first time and absolutely loving it. I mean how cool is Belle right?!

But onto this post, here's my top 5 Disney Films.

Beauty & The Beast
I've already mentioned it, so obviously it's on the list. Growing up I lost my dad so for me watching Beauty & The Beast gave me something I could relate to. They don't mention it in the film but I kind of always assumed Belle had lost her mother too. I've always felt like I am Belle in a tiny way, I mean I love birds and reading so obvs right!? No seriously though this is just Disney at its best. I mean you can't go wrong when you have a cute little tea cup in a film now can you?

This is another film I can definitely relate to. I've always loved cleaning (yes you did just read that)and Cinderella is rather good at cleaning now isn't she! Also growing up in a large family meant I sometimes felt like I was the annoying step sister who needed to be locked away. If anyone has three brothers and two sisters and tells me they didn't feel like Cinderella at some point growing up I'll be amazed. Also ever since I was small I've always imagined animals could talk to you but just chose not to. So I just love the fact the little mice help Cinderelly.

OK so there seems to be a pattern emerging here, but again this is another one I can relate to. I bet your thinking "what the hell? How can she relate to Frozen?" We'll here's how. You know how Elsa feels all alone and confused by her powers well. I have super powers... lol no seriously growing up in that super big family of mine I mentioned above, meant that sometimes I felt like the odd one out. So when Elsa runs away to be by herself I can totally see where she's coming from. I thought about running away and getting some peace and quiet, quite a lot growing up.

Mary Poppins
Some people don't even realise this is a Disney film but it sure is, and after seeing Mary pull all that stuff from her bag, there really wasn't any denying that this was going to be a firm favourite of mine. I just love how happy I feel whenever I watch this. This is definitely one I can't wait for my daughter to watch when she's older.

The Little Mermaid
Ariel is just too cool isn't she?! I mean she can sing, she has a really cute fish for a friend and a crab that looks after her. A girl doesn't need anything else in life right! This film is just such a joy to watch. Sure Ariel has her issues but in the end love prevails. This for me has the best love story. It really is a tale of love over coming boundaries, which I really enjoy watching. It shows you that you can overcome anything in a relationship even the fact that Ariel had no legs.

So there you have it, these are my top 5 Disney Films. What are yours?

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Love Hayley


  1. I love Aristocats (is that the English name as well?) and Lady and the Tramp. Hunchback of Notre Dame always made me cry so much! I think Esmeralda would be my favorite Disney "princess" which she's not. xD

    1. OMG I'd forgotten all about Lady and the Tramp that's such a classic...

  2. I love LM and MP! My favourites are The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Mulan :) xo

    1. oh I'd forgotten about Mulan I love that film...