Halloween Lush Haul

Lush Haul
For me Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday. I just love everything about it, from the dressing up, to the decorating the house. The pumpkin carving, to the pigging out on the sweets I've bought, (that are supposed to be for the trick or treaters that'll knock on my door).

So when Lush bring their new Halloween range out, you know I'm literally going you skip down to the store and grab it all...
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Flux Subscription Box Review

Flux Box
You know how were all totally over beauty subscription boxes!? Well this new subscription box is exactly what every woman needs...

It's a period subscription box!*
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My Top 5 Disney Films

Okay so I'm going to say it, if you've never watched a Disney film there must be something wrong with you!

I mean I grew up on Disney films and they've definitely made me the person I am today. I just
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