A Letter To My Teenage Self

The other day I was sat watching a talk show and they were asking, "would you write a letter to your teenage self?" This got me thinking about my teenage years, and how I actually hated them. Okay so hate may be a little harsh but, I really wasn't a happy teenager. 

Let me explain...
I went from being a fairly happy child, to an awkward teen in what felt like a day. I remember getting spots on my chin around 10 1/2 years old, then my period came at 11 years old. Oh the joys...

My mum thought that me getting my period was the best news ever, she even congratulated me. Me on the other hand, was horrified by the fact that I had blood gushing out of my private parts. Along with my period came the sweating and BO that I hadn't had before. So obvs I must have sweated as a child but I hadn't really noticed before.

After my period, came my braces and glasses. Hello four eyes, braces freak...
Yep that was my nickname in school, okay so nickname is the nice term. Four eyes, braces freak was actually the name that someone, I'm not even sure who decided I needed. I mean Hayley clearly wasn't good enough for me anymore know was it?!

I didn't mind wearing my glasses, and actually thought I looked pretty cool to be honest. I remember my first frames with such fondness. They were big round ones with a tortoise shell design. I think I've probably still got them lying around somewhere actually.

But enough reminiscing for now, let's get on with this letter that I'd send to my teenage self.

Dear Hayley,

First things first I want to tell you that someone will love your quirky ways. The fact that you feel different from others is actually a good thing, and you'll soon realise that being the odd one is great. You'll become confident in your own skin and those pesky spots will clear up. You'll still get the odd two or three, but nothing like the amount you did have. So no more days of not wanted to leave the house because you felt too ugly. You'll always miss your dad, but things will be okay, and I know he'd be proud of you. Things with your mum will continue to be a struggle, but with each day you'll grow stronger and realise that you don't have to please her all the time. Your older brother will realise that your not actually too annoying to have as a sister. You'll have such a great friendship with your sister that you'd be lost without her... 

All the bullying you had at school, will make you stronger. You'll realise that those bullies were actually the ones that had something wrong with them, not you. You'll even laugh at the fact that those horrid boys, used to sing "who let the dogs out" as you walked by...

You'll find friends and a boyfriend who will love the fact that your different. Your friends will know that your the one to go to for advice, and for a laugh. Your boyfriend will love that you snort when you laugh, he'll also love that you make up your own words for songs, because you can't hear all the correct words. At some point you'll realise that to be happy you have to think happy. Yes you'll still have those dark days but overall you'll be so happy with how things turn out. All those days of dreaming of having a family of your own, will come true. It'll take longer than you imagine, but to be honest it happens just when your ready for it to happen. So be patient...

At some point you'll discover blogging and the whole community, and it'll open your eyes to a whole new life. You'll discover a love of photography and writing will become a passion of yours again. You'll find a job that you really enjoy, it'll still have it's ups and downs but you'll work there for almost ten years. Go girl...

So basically stop all your worrying, because your life will be great...

Love Hayley xx

So there you have it, this is the letter I would have loved to have read when I was a teenager. If there's one thing you could tell your teenage self what would it be?
Also please excuse the shocking picture above... lol I think I'm a little tipsy in it. ;)


  1. Aww it was so lovely hearing what you were like when you were younger. And that's so cute that you made up words for songs you couldn't properly hear! Loved this post xxx


    1. Thanks lovely I'm soo glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I like how you seek to reassure your younger self without trying to change things. I'd probably want to give some guidance to me so I could achieve more and not waste time on the wrong paths. The only thing that would bother me would be messing up the timeline and disrupting the conception and birth of my daughters.

    It's a great post and I might 'borrow' the idea (as long as I can have a caveat to protect the existence of my children).

    1. Definitely go ahead and borrow it. It was really fun to write so I'm sure you'll enjoy it. and thank you first your kind words.

  3. Ahhh I loved and really enjoyed reading this Hayley, such a beautiful blog post and wow that letter to yourself would have been awesome to read. Such lovely words and beautifully written.
    Loved it.

  4. Lovely post (a bit late replying but only just seen this on twitter). I was also bullied badly at school. They were the worst days of my life.

    Here is my letter

    Dear James,
    I remember what it was like, always hearing that these are the best days of your life, that when you’re older you have less freedom, you have to work, you have bills to pay, etc. I remember thinking; how can it get any worse?
    So here is the thing. The kids that you go to school with are horrible. You’ve tried to change, you’ve tried to create new friendships, but they don’t appreciate it and you need to stop trying to change yourself.
    When you get older you will find friends that like you for who you are – and it’s not far away. And it keeps getting better. You’ll find a wife who loves you and you’ll have kids who, whilst they have their moments of frustration, you are very proud of.
    So don’t be too down. Ignore people who say these are the best years of your life. It gets better, much better.
    Much love
    Future James


    1. Oh James, that's a lovely letter to your past self. I'm so happy that things are so great for you know. If only we could all step into the future for just a moment. Then we'd know that everything would eventually turn out ok in the end.

  5. Thanks so much for such an inspirational and touching letter! It was like a real enjoyment for me to peruse this original entry!