My Labour and Birth Story

If you follow me on any of my social media, you'll know by know that I gave birth to my beautiful little girl Phoebe, on 22nd June. I still can't believe she's actually here. Of course I knew I was going to have a baby, lol but nothing quite prepares you for how you'll feel once their actually here.

I thought I'd share my labour and birth story with you today...

"The lovely lady I spoke to 
said that it sounded like my waters 
could have broken and that 
I should pop down to get checked."

I think my labour officially started the night before I had Phoebe. I couldn't sleep and just felt so frigidity and odd. Okay so odd doesn't really explain much but, I just felt like something wasn't as it had been before. Also through out my pregnancy I'd always said, that I had a feeling the baby would come early.

So the next morning at around 9am when I sort of wet myself in bed and again at 11am, I thought it could be the day... TMI ;)

It's funny though I was massively in denial at that point, I even sent Anthony out to get us some lunch. While he was out I thought it was best to phone triage (for those that don't know triage is the place in hospital's that you go to first, then they send you to the labour ward. They are also the people you call if you think you're in labour.). The lovely lady I spoke to said that it sounded like my waters could have broken and that I should pop down to get checked.

"By this time Anthony had loaded 
the car with all the hospital 
bags, and was telling me it was time we 
headed to the hospital."

I had other ideas though and started sorting out washing, and cleaning my house. I've found out from friends later, that apparently I was nesting. Nesting is something you naturally do to prepare for the baby. While Anthony was out the contractions started. 
The best way to describe my contractions is that, it felt like someone was slowly pulling up on my back from the insides. Okay so again that's probably not a great description but, I literally felt like I was going to die... lol okay so massive over exaggeration now but gosh were they painful. They were quite spread out at first, about one every half hour or so. Then it was every few minutes.

"Anthony said that he wouldn't be able
 to keep stopping as, one it was dangerous 
and two we were not having 
the baby in the car."

By this time Anthony had loaded the car with all the hospital bags, and was telling me it was time we headed to the hospital. I was so scared that I kept telling him I was fine and that we could leave later. Lol Eventually I gave in and got in the car. On the way to the hospital the contractions were soo painful that I had to get Anthony to pull over twice so I could ride the contractions out. 

They were sort of coming in waves by now. The pain would slowly rise to a point where it felt soo unbearable, that I had to stay as still as I could, just to get through it. Anthony said that he wouldn't be able to keep stopping as, one it was dangerous and two we were not having the baby in the car.

For the rest of the journey I sat there with my eyes shut, doing panicky breathing and hoping that we'd get there super quick. It took around half an hour to arrive at the hospital, by this time I was in agony. Triage saw us straight away and I got checked and was 4cm dilated.

So it was time...

Phoebe was on her way...

 "It felt like one minute I was pulling 
Anthony's arms off, holding onto him 
while I went through the contractions, 
the next phoebe was here."

I'd decided almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant, that I wanted to have a water birth and luckily that's exactly what is was able to have, when the time came. We were ushered into our birthing room by two lovely midwives. Sharon and Lisa. Lisa was the trainee and Sharon was the head midwife. Sharon let Lisa do most of the looking after me, which I didn't mind at all as she was lovely.
Once the bath was run and I got in, things happened pretty quickly. It felt like one minute I was pulling Anthony's arms off, holding onto him while I went through the contractions, the next phoebe was here. My labour took about four hours in total, from the first contraction to having Phoebe placed in my arms.

"I actually said "oh wow, she's so 
amazing" as she was placed 
in my arms which the
 midwives chuckled about."

After a few contractions I started having the feeling I wanted to have a poo. At first I felt embarrassed so didn't say anything to the midwives. But when it literally felt like I was actually going to poo, I told them and I'm bloody glad I did as two seconds later (well about two seconds lol) Phoebe's head was born.

The midwives actually couldn't believe how quickly her head was born and with the next push Phoebe was here. The moment she was placed in my arms was so amazing and like nothing I've ever experienced before, if I could have that feeling always, I'd never have a dark day again.

As I said before the moment I held her in my arms was so amazing, and is something I'll never forget. It was and always will be the most magical moment ever. I actually said "oh wow, she's so amazing" as she was placed in my arms which the midwives chuckled about. 

They told me after that for my first baby, everything happened very quickly. So I bet you're wondering if I had any pain control, through out my labour?

"I'm quite a panicky person at times 
and going through the labour, 
definitely made me the most panicky 
I've ever been."

Well I'd decided that I didn't want to have an epidural unless I really needed one, as I'm quite a scaredy cat where needles are concerned. Thankfully I didn't need one and only had a few puffs on the gas and air in the last 30 minutes of my labour. The worst thing for me during the labour (apart from the pain of the contractions) was that, with every contraction I had to try and breathe through them, but I found it so hard to actually remember how to breathe. I know that's sounds so stupid, but I kept having to ask Anthony to remind me to breathe in and out.
I'm quite a panicky person at times and going through the labour, definitely made me the most panicky I've ever been. Throughout the pregnancy and especially the labour, Anthony was so amazing. He put up with so much, from my sicking on myself in the bath during pregnancy, to me almost breaking his arms going through my contractions during labour. I really don't think I could have managed with out him.

I feel so blessed and lucky to have my amazing family.

After the birth I had a retained placenta, which meant I had to have an operation to remove it. Because of the operation I had to spend my first night with Phoebe in the hospital by ourselves. I felt soo bad for Anthony as I think he really wanted to stay all night too. I actually really enjoyed having her to myself all night. The day after we took our lovely daughter home and begun parenthood.

I'm going to be sharing all things baby/parenting along with all my usual posts from now onward, so hope you all don't mind. 


  1. Awww such a lovely story - Congratulations to you all! I'm 15 weeks, so reading this made me get all goose-pimply that the same is going to happen to me soon enough, eek! Scaring and exciting, all rolled into one! Phoebe is gorgeous though, worth all the pain, I'm sure :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks Lyndsay I'm rather happy am :). Congratulations to you too and good luck with your labour. Enjoy it all, yes it's painful but it's also so amazing and unlike anything you'll ever experience.

  2. So glad you are happy and everything went well. :)

  3. Awwww, this is so lovely! We all love a bit of TMI lol. I'm glad you are so real and honest about it - I won't feel so bad when my time to have a baby eventually comes around haha! Phoebe is so beautiful and you guys are the cutest little family!! xxx

    1. Awww thanks I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it. I was so worried I was oversharing... lol and yes it's so worth all the pain, Phoebe is literally the best ever...

  4. Aw really enjoyed reading this!

    I'm 35 weeks pregnant and can't wait to meet my little one! It sounded like you were a super mum do it in 4 hours! Fingers crossed it's that easy for me!

    Lucie xx |

    1. Aaww thanks soo much. Good luck hun it's such an amazing experience.

  5. It was such an awesome experience for us too - it changes you instantly. It's strange.

    I hope you don't mind the link but if you fancy reading this from a dad's point of view then give this a click:

    I can relate to Anthony too - I had to leave and come back in the morning :(

    1. Omg Evelyn is a little cutie. Loved reading your take on the labour very funny especially that cat video. I'm sure Anthony would agree that I sounded like that too.

  6. I cannot even imagine how happy and excited you are. It does not matter how tired you are! You got an awesome experience, so how do you feel now?