Baby Talk ~ Second Trimester

Pregnancy Second Trimester
Hi everyone, so firstly I want to say thanks for not minding that I've not been that regular again with my posts, I've just been getting so tired that I just haven't been able to find the time to post. I don't want to be that moany pregnant person but working full time and being pregnant is sometimes hard, I'm not going to lie.

I've just hit the third trimester, literally about a week ago, so today
I'm sharing my second trimester journey with you. The second trimester has definitely been more enjoyable than the first. Remember my sickness hell!? Well thankfully I can finally say that it has officially ended. Woop Woop... 

My appetite also come back full force, bring on the pizza which makes me so happy. But after having so much sickness at the start, I was actually quite scared to eat a few things. Like cheese which I usually adore, I was worried that as soon as I tried it again I'd just throw up instantly, but I had nothing to worry about. Anthony was so lovely, encouraging me to try it slowly and kept telling me that everything would be okay. 

He's actually being quite a rock throughout this whole experience and journey, I really don't know what I'd do without him. He's so caring and thoughtful, making sure I'm comfortable all the time, and recently he got quite a bad cold so slept on the sofa for almost a whole week so I wouldn't catch it. Bless him.

My body really started to change in the second trimester, my boobs and bum seemed to get huge, and as for my belly well yes that is definitely on it's way to getting huge too. Another thing is that my hips became really achy. The midwife said that it's normal, but I'm not going to lie it really hurts. I have two extra pillows I sleep with now, one under my belly and one under my legs and it does seem to be helping a bit. Omg and heartburn, I'm currently obsessed with gaviscon atm, did you read my pregnancy essentials post I mention it in that quite a bit? I've never had such bad heartburn before. I get it a such random times, not even when I've eaten just middle of the night or just before bed. It's very strange, but apparently it can mean I'm going to have quite a big baby!

I also felt the first stirrings of baby movement in the second trimester. I asked my mum a mother of six what it was supposed to feel like and she said it's like bubbles in your belly. Well I can definitely say I feel bubbles in there. It's so amazing feeling my baby moving inside, I'm totally fascinated by the fact that I'm growing a person inside me. I mean it's just so amazing that I'm lucky enough to have this experience.

A few bad things about the second trimester are that I have been having the most scariest dreams/nightmares and anxiety. I had a few worrying thoughts in my first trimester too, but they seemed to be on overdrive in the second trimester. My dreams/nightmares have been rather gruesome and bullyish. When I say bullyish I mean that I've been dreaming about being all on my own with people bullying me and telling me that I'm no good at being a mother. Obvs this is just fear etc creeping in but there bloody horrible to wake up from. I actually woke Anthony in the middle of the night once because I just had to talk to someone about said nightmares. He was so lovely about it, but I'm sure he didn't really like the rude awakening. 

Lots of good things happened too. We've bought a ton of baby bits, the pram, the cot, clothes and a ton of baby essentials like nappies. 

Here's the gorgeous pram we've gone for. Isn't it lovely, we chose the iCandy Strawberry 2 because it suited our needs the best. It's all really easy to fold up and comes with the interchangeable carry cot and seat which is going to be great once baby starts getting bigger. Also I love the colour, Anthony and I are trying to be sensible, and think about if we'll use things again if baby two comes along in a few years. So this colour is perfect for both a boy or a girl. It's called Dune if anyone was wondering...
I actually can't wait to be walking around with my little one inside her beautiful pram.

Omg I almost forgot to mention, I'm sure you all know by now anyway we found out the sex of the baby in the second trimester too. Were having a girl.

We have a name chosen but it's under wraps for now, only my close friends and family know. I actually could not be more happy that were having a girl, I've always wanted a girl.

I'll leave it there as I don't want to bore you with too much baby talk as it's literally all I go on about now, but look out for some more baby posts soon, as I'm currently organising my baby shower.


  1. Eek! So excited for you, and if you worry about being the perfect mother, then you already are one! Remember it's only the mothers who don't care whether they're a good mother or not who are the bad ones!!

    Charlotte Harvs | Blog

    1. Aaaww thanks lovely, such a nice thing to say. I really hope I can be a great mother.