2 Super Easy Eye Looks, Using One Palette & One Brush

Recently I posted my review of the gorgeous Nude palette from Maybelline, read it here if you missed it, and in that post I mentioned that I wanted to do a post where I feature some looks on the eyes. So today's the day that I'm bringing that to you.

All you need is the palette and one brush to recreate these looks.
Both are super easy to achieve and perfect if your in a rush like me most mornings. Also none of the shades have names so I've numbered them below to make my description easier to follow, if you fancy trying them for yourself.
So first things first, the ideal brush to use is a nice fluffy brush. It's really only used for blending the edges and making things look a little more polished. I would recommend something like the Real Techniques base shadow brush or the deluxe crease brush. I've used the base shadow brush for these looks but any fluffy brush will do really.

The first is a stunning pink look...

 For this look I used shade 1 all over the lid first as a base, using my finger to apply. I then went in with shade 4 in the inner corner again using my finger, to about half way across the lid. Still using my finger, I then took shade 11 and put this on the outer corner of my lid. Once I was happy with the colour I went in with my fluffy brush, and blending everything together in the crease. After I went back in with shade 1, just under my brow for a little highlight.

I love how the colours work so well together and I really think, the pink shades look great with my hazel eye.

The second is my favourite, it's a beautiful golden, green look...

As a base all over the lid I used shade 1 again. I then took shade 3 and put this on top all over the lid, as before all just using my finger. Next was shade 9, I applied this from the middle of my lids to the outer corner. After I took my fluffy brush and blending everything in the crease.

These two shades are very similar to two Mac shadows I have, and this is my usual every day look now. I love it...

This palette has so many lovely shades, and all seem to go really well together. I haven't used shades 8 or 12 yet because they are super dark and scary, but all the rest are lovely. I had wanted to show you three looks today but I seem to have lost the photos. Ooppss... The third look was going to be a lovely brown look, but I'll save that for another post now. :)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial style post, and here's a link to the palette if you still haven't picked one up for yourselves yet.


  1. This palette has some really stunning shades! Will definitely be checking it out :)
    BeauTeagenes xxxx

    1. It really is a lovely palette, I can't recommend it enough...

  2. What a lovely palette, you've created some fab looks with it, especially the pink! I love shade 11, it's so beautiful! <3 xxxxx

    1. Thanks lovely, I'm a little obsessed with this palette actually... lol

  3. I'm actually also obsessed with such a pallete. Your review was exceptionally useful for me! It's super easy to have your eyes bright and shiny!