What I Got For My Birthday

I turned 31 just over a week ago, OMG can you believe how old I am now!!! :) On the day my lovely boyfriend Anthony treated me to a trip to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour (post is coming soon with a ton of pictures), and I had the best time ever. It was actually the second time I've been and I have to say that I had far more fun this time round,
as I didn't miss anything plus the train was there this time too. I will go into more details of the tour in my future post and there may be a vlog of the day coming too, as I got my boyfriend to vlog the day...just need to check the footage and if he did well watch this space for that.

So onto what I got, well let's start with all the amazing goodies my boyfriend bought me from the Harry Potter gift shop...massive fan girl right. I have been the biggest Harry Potter fan ever since I first read the books years ago and every year I will have at least one Harry Potter movie marathon session. It was definitely inevitable that I would get at least one thing from the shop.
Firstly is the amazing Hufflepuff hoodie, I love the grey colour and it's so snuggly and warm to wear. I got the fantastic beasts & where to find them book too, this is a companion book for the films and I love it. It has an a to z of all the beasts featured in the books and movies, and is kind of like an exercise book you'd use at school, if Hogwarts was your school.
I chose some cute little notebooks with all the houses on to, these are going to be my blog ideas notebooks to keep inside my handbag. I got a chocolate frog, a chocolate wand, chocolate fudge flies and a bunch of delicious lollies. I also picked up a really cool...yes I did say cool, pen. It has a little action caption on it which I love. I also found a marauders map on the floor outside on the way back to the car which I of course couldn't leave there now could I?!

Oh and a lovely Harry Potter shopping bag to carry all my goodies in. ;)
My lovely sister Amelia got me the run boy run eyeshadow palette from Make-up Revolution which is stunning, and a gorgeous Lush ladybird bubble bar. My other lovely sister Darcy got me two birthday cards and a beautiful bunch of flowers and a badge, which I accidently broke as soon as I tried to put it on. Thankfully she didn't mind.

My lovely mum is going to treat me to a pair of memory foam sketchers trainers next week, so can't wait for those.

I had the best day ever and can't wait till next year.

What's the best birthday present you've ever been given?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. OMG! Harry Potter gifts are just the best! I am so glad you had a fantastic day and now you got so many goodies to remind you of it. :)

    1. Harry Potter gifts are totally the best. Thanks hun

  2. Do you like Harry Potter...? hahahah such an amazing little Haul!
    You've really done well haha, happy late birthday!


    1. lol I really do love Harry Potter!!! Thanks sweetie.

  3. Replies
    1. I really did, didn't I?! love Harry Potter so much...