Not You're Typical Spring Clean

Now it's officially Spring, it's time to start spring cleaning areas of your home, office, and life. Usually this would mean you'd clean out your wardrobe or start a mammoth house cleaning session, well for me I've decided to clean up my social media accounts instead.

Let me explain...

For a while, I just haven't felt like I've had everything in sync. For me
branding myself as a Blogger/Vlogger is something I've always struggled with. When I first started I had the whole purple obsession going on, and I'm sure some people looked at me, my blog and my YT as something rather silly. No one actually said anything along those lines but it's just how I felt. So the purple went, then when I took my blogging break over Christmas, I started evaluating how I see myself, my blog and my channel.

I've always been the sort of person that likes sharing things on social media, from my lunch I'm about to eat to the latest item I've bought myself to add to my ever growing make-up collection. But sometimes I think I fall into the whole when is too much sharing getting rather boring category. And which site is best for putting which picture etc onto?!

For me branding is all about how people see you and recognise what you're about. In this world of creators and bloggers it can sometimes be hard to stand out above the rest. So here's how I'm going to try.

Also I've realised that most of the people I follow and look up to have a very similar look, layout and feel to their whole image and branding so I've decided that it's time I sort my shizz out to.

Profile pictures and Headers...

I've taken the picture which I have in my bio (that one over there on the right) and my blog header and added them onto all my platforms, I feel this will streamline things and get everyone to familiarise themselves with how things look across them all. I also feel that it's best to stick to the same across them all as it will help to get your readers to recognise you when a new post goes up etc.


I absolutely love Instagram and I have to say it's probably one of my favourite social sites. I love scrolling through and looking at all the pretty pictures, and finding great people on there too. But...and that's a big BUT. I've only just realised that it can actually become something of a useful blogging tool aswell.

After reading a few blog posts and watching a few videos on how to have the perfect Insta, I've decided that I'm changing things up with mine. At one point I thought about deleting my whole account or deleting every single picture on there, but thankfully I didn't do either. What I have done though, is go through all my pictures and delete the really crap know the blurry ones, the not so flattering selfies, the disgusting looking food ones etc. Okay so I've probably now deleted most of my pics I bet your thinking, but no I actually now have quite a nice look to my Insta even if I'm saying so myself.

I love the whole white background look on Insta but let's be real...have I actually got the time or patience for that, god no...LOL So I've gone for a more streamlined look, with pretty flowers, followed by a pic of a gorgeous bag I want, with a blog post pic thrown in too. For me this is keeping it really to me and still helping to establish a feel to how I do things.

One last thing I need to do with it is sort out how many people I'm following, (over 4000) I hadn't even realised it was so many. But what can I say...if I like a few pics I usually like the person, so the follow button gets clicked.


This one is a hard one because, it's a great place to promote your blog posts, but you don't want it just to become about that. I've decided that I'm getting myself involved in a few more blog chats and will be more involved in the whole blogging community, by commenting more on tweets and pictures that all the lovely people I follow post. I want my twitter to be a place where people can get to know me not just my blog posts.

For anyone interested here's a great list of blogger chats that Bloggeration have compiled.


I have such a love/hate relationship with my channel atm it's unreal. One minute I have so many video ideas I feel like my head will explode, the next I feel like deleting my entire channel. Someone actually asked me recently if they needed to start a youtube channel if they had a blog?! I think this is what most people feel that they have to do, but no you certainly don't need both. I actually sometimes think I'd like to just be a blogger and totally concentrate on my blog, but then YT pulls me back and it's so much fun filming that I could never give it up. I just need to be more consistent.

I've also decided I'm going to delete a few videos. Most of them I'm really proud of but a few are just shocking. I know they say that it's a learning curve at first with YT, but seriously I don't think some should be out for there for the world to see.


My personal account is not changing, I'm still that annoying person that posts and shares far to much rubbish. But my facebook page for my blog is having a little overhaul. I want it to be a place that people can go to and have fun. I'm going to start posting teaser pictures of upcoming posts and videos, and host a few giveaways on there too. Plus I want to start a weekly video series which is just on there, talking about how I've been that week or something along those lines. Also I have started sharing the odd Instagram pic and they seem to be going down well, so I'll keep that up too.


Right so if you follow my snaps, you'll know that all I post is what I'm eating each day. Well things are about to change. lol I want to use my snapchat as a vlogging tool. I would love to vlog every day, but two things - 1, I can't be arsed editing every night to get a video up on YT and 2, my life is rather boring most days. I want to use snapchat as a way to practice my skills in front of the camera. I can get a little shy and awkward when I film my YT vids sometimes, so this is great for getting comfortable talking to a screen and not a real person.

By the way my Snapchat is itsjustmehdh if you fancy following me...


Another site I adore, it's so fun scrolling down and finding great tips, recipes, pictures and I love to pin just about everything in sight. The main thing I want to do with my Pinterest is start properly adding my blog and YT links to it. I already have a board for both, but I always forget to add my links when the post or video goes live. Plus last year when I was at the Big Blogger Conference I learnt so much about how to use it properly, but I still haven't got around to actually implementing anything I learnt. (I'll write a post explaining what I learnt once I actually start doing it) So this is now going to be part of my schedule when I post or upload anything.

I'm sure there's more I could do, but for now I think everything I've mentioned is enough. If you have any tips or more questions please just comment below and we can chat.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of social media. :D I am super lazy, to be honest. I love making videos and the rest happens when it happens... so rarely. :D You should definitely try to get back into YT, because I found you there and I just love watching YT videos.

    1. It's probably far too much social media really, but what can I say, I'm addicted..

  2. I really enjoyed this blog post, not seen anyone do a spring clean of there social media's before but it is a really great concept. With your thoughts on Instagram, I think it is a great idea to go through the pictures and deleting all the rubbish ones that are on there, as I know from personal experience I have looked through my photo's on there and not liked some of them, becasue of how bad the light is, Blurryness etc.
    I think I will also have to go through and delete some people I am following as I don't think it is as many at 4000 but I know there is far to many people I follow that I know I don't take a look at.

    your plans for twitter sound good to, I know I use my twitter for personal, YT and Blogging but when it comes to blogging and YT I just seem to post links so It would be great to chat and get involved with blog post's YT videos from other's too.

    I am the exact same with my youtube channel, sometimes I have 100's of ideas for video's and other's I can't think of a single video to do. I have always wanted to delete some of my video's that I am not proud or don't think look good, but this year when I decided to just concentrate on my one channel instead of the two I found it so much easier, and most of my let's so rather shockingly embarrassing video's were on that old channel, The only thing is I am trying to decide if I should Delete my old channel completely from youtube and then I could upload the video's from that one to my new channel (with only the video's I like) but for me at the moment the thought of doing this scares me, I think it is just because I had put a lot of year's and time into that old channel. But I would love to know if you think I Should delete my old channel beens I am not uploading on there anymore and just upload the video's I am proud of on my new channel or keep them both up?
    I really hope you do continue to upload video's as you're one of my favourite youtuber's to watch :) Maybe DITL video's, especially when your little on is born, great to look back on in year's to come for memories.
    that's a great idea about your facebook page, uploading a video on there just for people whom have liked your facebook page, I need to start using my facebook page more, I am trying to use it (Not my personal facebook) to promote my YT channel and blog etc. more.
    I'm following your on Snapchat and again you're one of my favourite snapchatter's to watch and look at the my story section. Using snapchat is a great way to vlog and get used to it in front of a camera as it is more of a one take deal, but maybe one day you will feel happy to do it on youtube too :)
    With Pintrest for me I either Am not on it for months or I am on it single day, it's like an addictions. I also always forget that Pintrest can be used to promote YT video's and blog post's so thank you for the tip :)

    Becasue you asked for tips, I have one you may like the sound of, You wrote that you would love to vlog everyday but couldn't be bothered to edit etc every night and then upload, Have you thought about doing a weekly vlog? I used to do this and I know that MissBudgetbeauty also does a weekly vlog, it's more of a relaxed vlogging style, where you don't nessaserly have to vlog everyday, but you film/vlog clips of things you do in your week, from Monday to Sunday for example, and then after the week you will have enough footage for around a 20/30 minute vlog, so you get the sense and the memories of daily vlogging but it is not as daunting and won't take up as much time filming, editing etc. as you would only edit once a week. I hope this may help you.


    1. That is such a great tip Sophie... Something I'm definitely going to keep in mind. And hanks for you're comments on my YT and Snapchat I'm glad you enjoy them.