I've Finally Found A Hairdresser I Trust

Me and my hair go way back. You could even say it's my best friend. I mean it's been with me for quite sometime now, and the thought of letting someone else style, cut or even touch it has and can terrify me sometimes. You could even go as far as saying, that I actually have a slight fear of the hairdressers. I have absolutely no idea why I'm so protective over my mane, but ever since I was small I've hated going to the hairdressers.

I remember being about ten sitting in the hairdressers chair, terrified of the scary lady about to cut my fringe, begging my mum to take me home. Plus I always felt I annoyed the hairdressers too, as I was quite a fidgety child. They would always tell me to sit still and stop moving. This mad things worse as being told to not do something instantly made me want to do it more. 

Another horror story is the time I decided I wanted to get highlights, Omg, this could not have gone more wrong. The hairdresser left my hair with missing patches and I think it was left on too long as my head hurt for weeks after, probably due to the bleach irritating my scalp. 

Then there was the time I had been growing my hair for a few years and it had got down to my bum, I decided I was bored with it. So off I went to the hairdressers in town, hoping for a little change. Only to come out with a graduated bob. Shock horror right... 
I get so nervous and anxious when I go to the hairdressers and I've had so many disappointing trips over the years, that I'd really started to give up hope that I would ever find someone I trusted. I've never felt like I've found the right person to be my hairdresser, that is until today. (29th feb) My little sister Darcy, had been telling me about this hairdressers that she went to and how great this guy Mario was that cut her hair. So I thought if he's that great maybe he could do my hair too. Unfortunately Mario was fully booked when I went in to make the appointment, but they had a discount for new clients with a lady called Izabella. 

I booked the appointment for two days time and went home hoping that things would be okay on the day. 

The morning of my appointment came around, and all the nervous and anxious fears I always have when ever I'm about to get my hair cut started to creep in. I got all hot and sweaty and thought to myself what if I don't like the hairdresser? Well I had absolutely nothing to worry about, Izabella was lovely. I walked into the salon and straight away felt at ease. They only had one other client in and the place just seemed really chilled.

I was taken to a seat and kindly offered a drink, then she asked me what I had in mind. I confidently said that I wanted a restyle and even had a picture that I'd taken from a magazine that I liked the look of, as a suggestion for my new do. Izabella instantly said yes that would look great on you, so I knew she would cut my hair how I wanted it to be cut.
We got on so great. chatting about the most random things, and when I noticed that I had a stray hair that was slightly longer than the rest. She instantly sorted it right out which was so great, as I've gone home more then twice and had to cut bits that the hairdressers haven't cut correctly.

My whole hairdressing experience of the day was just so great. I have a lovely new do and I've finally found a hairdresser I can trust and feel comfortable with...happy days.

Have any of you had similar issues with hairdressers?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Your hair looks fantastic. :) I am glad you found something that works for you.

    1. Thanks sweetie, I'm so happy with it.

  2. Finding a good hairdresser is one thing, finding a hair dresser you trust is another. I have a friend who's a hairdresser and she is the only person I let cut my hair because I know she'll listen to me and cut it right. Well done you for plucking up the courage to get it done! You're hair looks fantastic and in such great condition I'm kind of jealous.


    1. Its really is such a personal thing getting you're haircut. You're so lucky to have a hairdressing friend you trust. Thanks I think my hair's looking so good thanks to the pregnancy...

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous!! It's so thick and sleek - just beautiful! Izabella sounds great - never let her go hahaha. Jade x

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    1. Thanks lovely, I love how my hair looks now and yes I'm keeping Izabella very close. lol