I'm Crushing Over GirlCrush

It's not that often that I get treated to a new perfume as soon as it hits the shops, but the other day that is exactly what happened. My lovely boyfriend out of the blue, bought me the new Ghost Girlcrush eau de toilette. I was so surprised and very happy indeed.
I had seen the adverts for it and knew I needed to have it in my life at some point. So now thanks to Anthony I have it as soon as it launched.
I've always loved the Ghost perfumes, they smell so lovely and the bottle designs are just beautiful. This new one has a lovely fruity scent, similar to the britney spears perfumes, and is absolutely perfect for those hot summer days.

It states that this new scent is a nostalgic throwback, and I have to agree. It reminds me of my first perfume back in the day, and the design on the bottle reminds of days spent doodling all over my exercise books in class. All love hearts and flowers.

Girlcrush is definitely going to be my go to summer scent.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Aww that's such a sweet gift. :) Lucky girl.

  2. Looks such a pretty bottle xx

    Stacey xxx UnicornFairy.net

    1. It really is. Looks great amongst my ever growing beauty collection.