Adidas Asos Wishlist

When I was in my teens I had the biggest Adidas obsession in the world. I had so many t-shirts and a brilliant navy and bright orange tracksuit that I worn to death. Also I worn my Adidas Galaxy trainers (who else had a pair of these?) until they had holes in the bottom. I actually really wish
I still had them, as they were the most comfy trainers I've ever owned.

I'm sure you've seen that Adidas has had a bit of a refresh lately, they are in all the stores and Asos have a fab range too, and I'm over the moon. So today I thought I'd show you what I literally need in my life right now.

Okay so first the gorgeous floral backpack(1). If you saw my last wishlist post you'll know I'm after a new bag so could this be THE ONE?! This lovely crew neck sweatshirt(2) is so nice and looks so comfy. Next are two items that match perfectly, the polka dot hoodie(3) & the polka dot trackies(4). I need this in my life soo much it's unreal. We all need another t-shirt in our lives now, don't we. This oversized t(5) is just perfection. Lastly are these gorgeous trainers(6) designed by Rita Ora, aren't they cute, and just imagine them paired with the polka dot tracksuit.
So after a night of Asos lust viewing I have added all these items to my basket, and hopefully will grab a few when pay day hits again. Especially the polka dot tracksuit.
What's you're favourite item from my wishlist?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

(all pictures taken/borrowed from Asos)


  1. Uh, I really don't like Adidas too much. But I hope you'll get something nice for yourself. :)

  2. Love the backpack and the t-shirt! Not a big fan of the trackies with high heels though!

    1. Lol I know what you mean it's a little strange having them paired together.