My 2016 Goals

I'm a little late on the band wagon for bringing my 2016 goals to the table in the blogging community, but better late then never right... :)

Also I'm splitting them into three categories - LIFE, LOVE & HAPPINESS

So first my goals for Life ~

Well the first one has to be all about my new path of motherhood I'm about to embark on. My baby is due 1st July so things will be very different from then onwards I'm sure. I'm hoping that motherhood will all come naturally to me, actually I'm praying that this will happen. I mean when I was a child, one of my favourite things to do was play mum to all my dolls, so hopefully all those play sessions will help when I have a real baby to look after.

I also really want to start streamlining my life. What I mean by this is, that I want to get back onto my career goal. Last year was the first time I finally realised that I found something I could do and love. Blogging and having my Youtube channel make me so happy, so this year I really want to get back on track with it all and hopefully become a master blogger and youtuber.

Next lets talk about Love ~

So again I am mentioning the fact that I will be becoming a mum this year. (are you bored of all the baby talk yet?) I feel so lucky that I am about to embark on this amazing journey and can't wait to open my heart to the little person growing inside me.

I also really want to continue spending more time with my boyfriend Anthony. Whilst I took my break from blogging etc over Christmas we really started to reconnect. I was no longer spending my evenings ignoring him sitting at my laptop or watching Netflix in the other room without him. We started watching things together and making dinner together. All the small things really. You know like just having a chat about how his day had been and actually sitting down and listening to every word he said. Sometimes life can get in the way of you just enjoying each little moment. So this year I'm hoping to continue just relishing in those small moments.

Lastly let's talk Happiness ~

Happiness means so many things to different people. For me happiness is all about being with your friends and family and just enjoying the moments. Like I mentioned above I really want this year to be spent enjoying all the small things that happen. So often we forget the little things and just remember the big events that happen. But I want this year to be the year I acknowledge all the moments, big or small. I have a journal that I'm going to record it all in.

I could have listed so many more goals but I think these are the most important for me. I've never been a fan of making resolutions and trying to stick to them all year. I much prefer trying to shift they way you think and realising that if you act happy, you will be happy.

Let me know what you're goals for the year are below. I'd love to know.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Good luck with these goals. You'll have an amazing year, I know it. :)

    1. Aaaww thankyou lovely. Wishing you the best year ever too...