Baby Talk ~ My Every Day Pregnancy Essentials

The other day I was sat on the sofa thinking to myself, 'thank god for Gaviscon'. One of the symptoms I've had whilst being pregnant is constant heartburn and indigestion and I really feel like I would not be able to get through a day with out it.

So I thought I'd write down all my essentials that I'm using and in need of since getting pregnant. Hope you like the post, also if you have any pregnancy recommendations please comment below.

Okay so first are Skittles...not the game kind, the delicious sweets kind. I've always been obsessed with these, but since falling pregnant I just can't get enough of them, and they're actually the only thing that I've been able to eat the whole way through my pregnancy.

More food items now, beans/spaghetti & sausages on toast. After the sickness subsided my appetite came back full force and this is now my go to breakfast each morning. Yum... I also can't get enough of salt & vinegar crisps. Again these are something I usually like but now I literally eat 4/5/6 or 7 bags a day. :)
The delicious biscuits Jammie Dodgers are my guilty pleasure for sure now too. I could literally eat a whole pack of these in one go...I actually have done this. lol

One last foodie thing then it's onto the other items. Water, this is the only drink I've been able to have the whole way through my pregnancy. I used to consume a coca cola bottle every hour...okay so not that many but I was addicted to the stuff shall we say. But it's far too fizzy for me now, plus all that caffeine is not great for the baby, so it's probably a good thing I'm not having this right now.

So the gaviscon, like I mentioned this is literally so beneficial to me. I have gone through so many bottles of the stuff that I could wash them out and have gavsicon flower pots all around my home. I love the original aniseed flavour so much and actually, don't even measure it out on a spoon any more I just guzzle it down. I clearly don't recommend this, so please just do as it states on the back and just leave me in my weird guzzling world.
Dry shampoo has been such a life saver too. When I was going through all the sickness at the start, things like washing my hair became such a chore, so reaching for this in the mornings was so great. My current favourite one is the herbal essences clearly naked one. It smells lovely which again helped when my sense of smell went into over drive.

Minty mouthwash and minty lip balm have also been a massive essential throughout my pregnancy. For some reason the minty smell is just so lovely to me, especially in the lip balm. I couldn't stand wearing lipstick or lip crayons at all when I first got pregnant so, finding this great lip balm was such a help.

My last essential is the massage lotion from palmers. I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt in one of their adverts when I first fell pregnant and knew this would be my go to stretch mark cream. It smells so lovely and I love Jennifer so much, so knew she wouldn't be promoting something if it wasn't any good. This has so many good ingredients in it to, from shea butter to argan oil, meaning it's great for massaging into my growing bump. Plus the circular motions I use when I rub it in help when I'm feeling a little sickly.
So there you have it, these random items are my pregnancy essentials. I'm sure I'll find a few more essentials throughout my pregnancy but for now I'm off to eat some jammie dodgers.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Great post. I am glad you're not holding back with food. :) Eating well is so important for pregnant ladies.

    1. lol I've always been such a pig so I'm soo happy I can finally eat everything again.

  2. I loved reading this Post and always good to see what other Women's Essentials products are while Pregnant. I wish I could take Gaviscon but it makes me Ill, so I am having to take the remmies Chewy/Tablet things. They taste like chalk but Do work.
    I have not heard of this Strech mark cream, So I will have to look out for it, I have the Bio Oil which seems good. two things I would Recommend you get are Nipple Cream and Breast Pads. Sorry If a little TMI But believe me these two items are a life saver for me. When you're starting to hurt the cream really works and the breast pads add protection to you to stop soreness and rubbing but also help for When Leaking will start. :) Hope this helps you.
    with Food for me I never really used to eat sweet stuff, now I keep wanting it haha.
    Again a great Blog post.
    xx <3 xx

    1. Really glad you enjoyed reading this it was fun to write. I hadn't even thought about nipple cream but I'm definitely going to have to get some soon, and you should totally try the palmer's cream it's lovely.