A Simple Manicure Is All You Need Sometimes

Before Christmas my nails didn't seem to be growing at all so I decided to have a look and see if I could find anything to help. On a trip to Boots I came across the essie stand and picked up
the prep 'n' protect set with a base coat and top coat inside. The base coat contains vitamin e and mineral strengtheners so it should help with the growing issue I'm having atm. Also my last nude shade had all dried up so when I spotted this it just really called out to me.
The brush is a lovely shape and size which fits my nails perfectly and I love how quick drying they both are. Plus the finished look is just lovely. Previously I haven't used many essie polishes before, usually just sticking to my BarryM favourites, but after using these I'm definitely going to pick up a few more sets.
I usually go for a red or purple shade on the nails but, every now and again a more simple look is just perfection. Don't you think?!

Also have you tried any of the essie sets?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. I haven't worn nail polish in months, so right now I am slowly getting into more natural colors again and I really like it. :)

    1. Sometimes natural colours are so perfect. I find brighter shades are better in the warmer months anyway.

  2. I've not tried the base coat, I think it's something I should invest in though because my nails grow slowly and break very easily. Have you tried Essie Gel-setter top coat? I can recommend it - my polish and nails are tougher with this and it leaves a very professional, polished look.

    Michelle -x-

    1. No I've never tried that one I'm definitely going to give it a go, thanks for the recommendation.