Baby Talk ~ My Every Day Pregnancy Essentials

The other day I was sat on the sofa thinking to myself, 'thank god for Gaviscon'. One of the symptoms I've had whilst being pregnant is constant heartburn and indigestion and I really feel like I would not be able to get through a day with out it.
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A Simple Manicure Is All You Need Sometimes

Before Christmas my nails didn't seem to be growing at all so I decided to have a look and see if I could find anything to help. On a trip to Boots I came across the essie stand and picked up
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Baby Talk ~ My 20 Week Scan

Being pregnant has brought lots of emotions for me, and one I had recently was of such joy. As I'm sure you all know I had my 20 week scan on the 16th Feb, this is the one where you can find out what the sex of the baby is!
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Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette Review

Okay so slightly off topic for a moment. When I first became pregnant I couldn't stand the smell of a lot of products I'd normally use. Eyeshadow was one of those things, every time I opened my make-up bag I just wanted to throw it all away. I have no clue why I hated the smell so much but for the first few weeks of my pregnancy I couldn't face wearing any eyeshadow.

Luckily my sense of smell has calmed back down and I can finally wear eyeshadow again. Hence today's post.
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Baby Talk ~ First Trimester & My Journey So Far

I'm having my 20 week scan tomorrow (so excited, I'm hopefully going to find out what where having!), so I thought I'd describe my pregnancy journey so far and how I've found the first trimester.

My boyfriend Anthony and I had spoken about trying for a baby for a while
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New Bag Wishlist

I've been after a new bag for quite a while now, I keep thinking I'd like a rucksack then I change my mind and think I'll get an over the shoulder bag. So today I thought I'd do a little wishlist post
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My Favourite Facemasks

 As a pamper treat for myself I love nothing more than relaxing in the bath with a facemask on. So today I thought I'd share my current favourites with you.

Over the years I have tried almost all the drug store ones, and have settled on
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My 2016 Goals

I'm a little late on the band wagon for bringing my 2016 goals to the table in the blogging community, but better late then never right... :)

Also I'm splitting them into three categories - LIFE, LOVE & HAPPINESS

So first my goals for Life ~
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