Hello Again & I Have Some F**king Big News

Hello again everyone...

Now it's been rather a long time since I sat down with my laptop and actually thought about writing a blog post, let alone actually write one. But it's time, I'm finally ready to get back into this whole blogging thing.

So I bet you're all wondering where I've been and what I've been up to?! (well hopefully you're all wondering that, if not I'm just writing this for myself! lol)

Okay so firstly I want to start with the really big f**cking news I have, and the reason I decided to take a little break from everything in the first place. 

Remember, remember the fifth of November... 

That is definitely going to hold a different meaning for me, from now on.

You see the fifth of November 2015 is the day I took a pregnancy test and it was positive...

Yes you did read that right, I am having a baby! I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and my due date is July 1st. I've just about got over the first few months of sickness and shock, and am now enjoying getting my appetite back and seeing my belly grow.

It's funny I have wanted a baby for the longest time, literally since I was about 17, but when the test actually came up positive I was so blown away and actually went into a state of shock.

I think the fact that I had wanted it for so long and the fact that I have a little person growing inside me just sent me into the biggest meltdown.

I'm the sort of person who doesn't deal with change very well and this is quite a big change now isn't it?!

So why did the news of my pregnancy drive me to take a break from blogging and all things social?

Well the main reason was definitely the shock but also the sickness. The shock sent me into myself and I kept having the strangest dreams and fears, I'd wake up in a cold sweat thinking I'd lose the baby at any moment. My boyfriend was and is the loveliest and most supportive person. He would sit with me for ages listening to all my fears and worries.

Then the sickness started...

Omg this was absolute torture! No exaggeration, I literally thought I was going to die. I am terrible when I'm poorly normally so add in the pregnancy and it was really hard for me to cope with.

Now I'm not looking for sympathy or anything like that I'm just explaining things the best way I know.

Would you be interested in a post about my first trimester? As I'd love to write it.

So now you know my big news, What else have I been doing?

I met two lovely twitter/blogger friends for the first time just before Christmas. The lovely Fiona from Wishes, Hopes and Dreams and the lovely Amanda from Love and Other Awesome Stuff. We met in London, had a spot of lunch and then went to the winter wonderland in Hyde Park. Both ladies were absolutely lovely and we had a really fun time at the wonderland, even though I had to leave early due to my pregnancy sickness. Hopefully we will all meet up again sometime this year.

I have been busy sorting through my flat. Basically my boyfriend gave me an ultimatum!

Either sort my hoarded mess or he will!

Okay so let me explain something firstly. Yes I am a big hoarder! Not the kind you see on tv where my whole house is a mess, but there is/was a few corners around the flat that were my hoarding areas. Now a little confession here, I think I've been in denial over my hoarding for quite some time.

You see after sorting my living room out and throwing away over 200 unread magazines. I think I finally realised that I did indeed have a slight problem. I still have a way to go with the rest of the flat but, it's definitely on it's way to being all sorted.

I've actually found it quite therapeutic, and have also banned myself from buying any magazines this year.
I also won an amazing Erin Condren planner from the lovely Aisling from Aisybee. It came as such a lovely surprise, and I'm so happy with the planner and can't wait to buy more washi tape for it. I have so many plans I need to jot down in it.

I think I'll leave things there as I don't won't this post to be too long... Hope you all haven't minded my absence and thank you to everyone that has still be checking my blog out each day and leaving me comments on here or my twitter etc.

Look out for my 2016 goals in my next post.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. AHHHH YAY THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering where you'd gone but this is DEFINITELY worth a break ahhhhhh. :D :D :D :D :D

    1. Oooh and I guess the planner came at a good time... you're going to need to be super organized this year! Hehe. <3

  2. HAYLEY OMG!!! CONGRATULATIONS! :D I'm so happy for you!!! I did wonder where you went but I knew you'd have a really genuine reason as to why! I can't wait to see more of your posts :)

    The meet up sounded lovely! I went to Winter Wonderland too this year, it's the best place!
    Hope the sickness has given you a bit of a break now?!


    Hope everything else is good with you!


    1. Thank you soooo much Tania. I am very happy to say that yes the sickness has pretty much stopped now. Thank god.

  3. Congrats! This is such big news and definitely good reason to take a break. I hope everything goes well and you'll be very happy this year and all the rest of your life. :)

  4. OMG!!!! WOW! Hayley that is awesome news, congratulations. I am so so happy for you girl. I wondered where you had been. Really glad you are back too <3 I really hope your well and not having too much morning sickness. Take care and chat soon Best news I've heard this week by the way, great post ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜
    LisaG XoX

  5. How lovely!
    Congratulations and best wishes for you and your family.

    | princessparasox.wordpress.com | bloglovin' |

  6. When I saw the title before I read the post, I was like... BABY!!!
    I am so happy for you Hayley, this is amazing news :D
    eeeee so exciting! I've been checking back here every now and again to see when you'd be back :D Hope the sickness starts to fade soon babe xx

    Charlotte Harvs | Blog

    1. Lol I really wasn't sure if I was going to let the cat out of the bag, but I'm so glad I did. Thanks for your kind words lovely.

  7. Love you sweetheart. Hope the 2nd trimester is gentle for you. xxx

  8. Hayley! OMG! Congratulations on the pregnancy, Sorry to hear you have had the sickness bad, (Luckly I never had it so Far that is...) I am really happy for you, We can be Pregnant together haha, I am due may 7th so very exciting, and Not to far behind me with July :) I would love to read updates on how your getting on. Would be great to be able to meet you like you did the other bloggers sounds like you had a good time, even if you had the sickness.

    The sickness will and does get better I know that as Said above I've not been sick but felt very sick and it does go. Your hunger will come and go, Some times I could eat for England and other times I can only eat a mouthful and feel full. I am going to guess you may be feeling very tired too and that stays the same haha Still I could fall asleep all the time. Enjoy being pregnant and the birth, I am so scared about giving birth but Hopefully it will be okay.
    Lastly don't worry about feeling the way you do with the nightmares and feeling like you will lose the baby, I have been through that and still worry about it, thinking that something bad will happen but this is very natural for every pregnant women to feel.

    Have you felt your baby move yet? Mine started around 20 weeks and it is the most weird but amazing thing in the world, then you will be able to see the baby kicking and moving in your tummy and again it is amazing :)

    I am so happy for you :) Congratulations again, If you ever want to talk then please let me know :) xx

    1. Wow you're so lucky not having any sickness... I'd love to meet up with you, it would be lovely to chat and talk babies. I haven't felt anything yet but I'm hoping I will soon. It's all very exciting.