The Monthly Round-Up

I'm trying something new today, a little Monthly round-up of my favourite and your favourite posts from last month.

October is and has always been my favourite month of the year, I think it's mainly due
to the fact that the weather is my probably the nicest for me anyway all year round. I love that it hardly ever rains, the sun seems super bright and those crisps mornings are just lovely. Plus I love walking on the crunchy grass after the frost has been out in the mornings. Yes I am still a small child inside.

It's also so lovely that all my winter jumpers can come back out and be worn to death all season long.

But enough about my love of October, here is my monthly round-up.

Let's start with my favourite post. I'd have to say it's the I've finally got my youtube mojo back post. After everything that happened with my sister, I really just hadn't been bothering with my channel, but a few days before posting this, I'd finally got that fire back inside my belly. Go read the post now and find out what I have planned for my channel next.

My readers favourite was my Halloween kids costume wishlist, this was also my favourite to write. I don't have kids yet, but it was fun searching on-line for costumes my future kids might wear. I didn't say in the post but when I do have kids, I want to have regular dress up days...god help my future kids right?!

A few more to mention for those of you that missed them are, my mmm post featuring a brilliant new mascara from rimmel that you all need to try. My warm winter coats wishlist was another fun one, plus I so want the yellow coat in my life. Also there's two new shows on Netflix you all have to watch.

There was plenty more so hope you didn't miss anything, also please tell me below what you're favourite post was from October.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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