Let Me Tell You About My New Phone

A few years back I got my first iPhone, the iPhone 4, and I bloody loved everything about it. A couple years past then it was time for an upgrade, again I chose iPhone, this time the iPhone 5. Again I loved everything about it, but when it was time for another upgrade I had finally outgrown the iPhone.

So which phone to choose?

I wanted something that would be similar to the iPhone as it was so easy to use, but I also wanted to get something that was different, but not too different.

Here lies the problem. How was I going to find said perfect phone? Should I just go for iPhone again?

I looked in all the phone stores and one in particular stood out above all the rest.
The Samsung Galaxy S6, in Gold.

One thing I definitely knew for sure was that I was going to have a gold phone... :)
Let me tell you why the galaxy s6 was the one for me. Well firstly gold so massive tick there, secondly it has very similar features to the iPhone, thirdly it is different enough that I won't feel I have a foreign object in my hand every time I pick it up.

Specs ~

It has a slim metal and glass design, a HD screen, a 16mp camera and a super fast charging ability. There's a split screen function also meaning I can use twitter and facebook all at the same time. Okay so you actually can't use them properly in the split screen but if you needed to send a tweet and scroll through facebook at the same time you can.
Why I love it ~

Okay so the gold obvs. ;) You can choose a theme for the background too, when I first got it I chose the gold theme to be all matchy, matchy but I now have a pink theme which is far more me. Most apps I was using on the iPhone can be found in the play store, and all work exactly the same. Well apart from the blogger app. For some reason pictures don't upload onto it as easily as they do on the iPhone app. Being a google phone all my google apps from the youtube one to my email app work so efficiently.
There are widgets you can have on the phone too which I love, I currently have an alarm clock one, a calendar/planner one, a shazam one, a buffer one and a clock and weather one. Everything about this phone just seems to have really been thought about in a customer way. What I mean by that is that each app or widget, or feature or function, works exactly how I expect it to work, meaning. I don't want to throw it out the window. Lol seriously though I feel they really thought about who and how the phone would be used.

Plus the battery lasts for hours which is always a plus in my book.
I hope this post hasn't bored you to death, I just wanted to tell you all about my new little phone which I love.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley