I Really Miss Vlogging Everyday

For those of you who follow my Youtube channel you will know that I did a week of Vlogtober last week, and you know what?! I loved every minute of it, and am really missing not doing it this week. Which is funny because I really thought I'd end up getting sick of vlogging by the third day,
but by the last day I wanted it to carry on for the next week too.

Sadly I work full time in a retail store, so I don't think they'd appreciate me vlogging around them all day. So the next time I'm going to be able to vlog for a full week again, is a long way off.

It was such a last minute decision for me to even do a bit of Vlogtober but I had such fun, and even the editing wasn't too bad, which is really saying something. Read this post and it'll elaborate further on the whole me and editing story. :)

So what did I get up to in the vlogs? Well hopefully you were all watching them! But if you somehow missed them.

I had some fun with my family, took my mum out for a lovely birthday meal and I even had a little trip to Lush. My sister also let me vlog a lovely day out with her which was so fun, and yes that burger was absolutely delicious!

There was one day that turned into quite an epic fail but, that's life right! We can't all be perfect every day now can we?! Just every other day?! lol...

I couldn't decide which one was my favourite, so here's the playlist if you fancy watching my week of Vlogtober.

Like I said I just had such a great week, and I really look forward to vlogging for a week again some time soon, and possibly next year I'll do the whole month of Vlogtober! Comment below if you want to see it...

As I can't vlog every day at the moment I've decided, that I'm going to try and vlog more often because it's just far too fun not too, and I'm also thinking of doing something for Vlogmas. I'm really not sure what or how I will manage it, because Christmas and retail are literally the busiest time ever. But I really want to at least do one video a week.

Would you like to see something from me for Vlogmas?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. I'd love to see some Vlogmas videos. Maybe on the weekend or something similar?

    1. Sorry I didn't do any vlogmas videos I had to have a little break from youtube. Hopefully I'll do some this year...