The Purple Just Had To Go

I love purple you all know that right! If you didn't where have you been for the past year? Lol

I love purple so much that when I started blogging of course I had to have a purple background now didn't I. Well recently the time came that the purple just had to go.

I still love purple but I just wasn't feeling it for my blog any-more. I feel that I have had a change in how I see my blog and how others see my blog. I can still stand out in the whole white background craze that is among most bloggers.

Now before I carry on with this post, no I haven't converted into one of those bloggers that just has a pretty blog and the content is just sponsored post after sponsored post. Or turned into one of those bloggers saying you must do this/this and this to have a successful blog.

I am still that weird girl who has an unhealthy obsession with mascara. And that lazy girl who can't stop watching every show on Netflix. And of course I still am that girl who actually has no clue if I'm doing any good at this whole blogging thing anyway.

I just fancied a change and I felt that it was the right time for my blog to start looking a little more sophisticated. I wanted to have a cleaner look to my theme and for everything to flow nicely. I hope you all like how everything is looking now and I thought I'd let you all know how you could also get your hands on a very reasonably priced blog template.

If you fancy a change too that is.

Okay confession here, I had become obsessed with scrolling to the bottom of everyone's blog I read that I loved the look of and seeing where their template came from. Most people had a template theme from the likes of Pigdig or had one from a great Etsy page. But the problem I had was that I just couldn't decide which one to go for plus the pricing.

Most on Pigdig cost at least £39 well the ones I liked anyway and the Etsy ones again just had far many to choose from.

Until that is I was having a read of the lovely Jemma's blog (Dorkface), and noticed that she had a lovely new design to her blog. So off I went and scrolled to the bottom and noticed that it was from a site I hadn't heard of before BloggerTemplate. Jemma is such an inspiration to me and I bloody love her blog so I asked if she minded if I got one too and she didn't mind at all so I went for it.
BloggerTemplate is an Etsy store owned by Bard Jeda. A very talented person who has lovely designs in their store and the pricing is so reasonable. I paid £5.67 for mine. Bargain right!?

My design is the Vosges 2 one and I am so happy with it. When deciding which one to go for I knew I wanted a slider and big headers for all my different sections (like popular posts bit etc). This one was perfect for me plus you can change all the colours and fonts which is great as I could make it exactly how I wanted it.

I chose a lovely pinky purple colour for the headers and went for a white background and black writing as you can see. It was so quick and easy to install and I got such a fast response from Bard when I couldn't figure out quite how to get the slider to work. I'd totally recommend them if you are after a new template.

Plus the best bit about it is I can change all the colours when ever I want but I will still have a clean and professional looking theme.

You can't ask for more now can you.

What do you think? Do you prefer my theme now or do you miss the purple?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Well, I judge a blog by its content and yours is always lovely. :D And in the end you have to love looking at your blog, right? So I think you did exactly the right thing.

    1. You're so right you do need to love looking at your own blog. Also thankyou for saying it's lovely.

  2. Loving the new blog template! It looks great :) Sometimes you just fee like you need a change and I feel like it can sometimes give you a new burst of life with blogging!

    Musings & More

    1. Thankyou and yes you're right it really does give yourself a new burst of excitement about blogging.

  3. Looking suave Miss D. Loving it!

    Your content is always fabulous too so don't worry yourself about that!

    Love you!

    Beth xx

    1. Aaawww Beth you're too kind thankyou. ;)