I've Finally Got My Youtube Mojo Back

As I'm sure you've all seen I've been a bit MIA over on my Youtube channel. After the events involving my sister, (read the post here), I really wasn't feeling either my blog or my youtube channel.

I was rightly so, far more concerned with my sister and family.

As time went on my blog began calling to me and I started posting again which was brilliant, but my channel just got further and further down my to do list, and even at one point I considered deleting it... 

Thankfully I didn't delete it.
As the weeks past I kept thinking I should be filming, I'm letting everyone down, does anyone even miss my videos? I had constant feelings of annoyance at myself for not feeling in the mood to film. I didn't even want to watch anyone else's videos as they just made me more annoyed that I couldn't sort my own out.

Also after my #AYearOnYoutube take over I had so many plans for my videos and how I wanted to be this amazing Youtuber, posting every week and being the best I could.

Even my boyfriend kept asking when I was going to put a video up again!
But I just couldn't face putting anything up and worrying that everyone would now my heart wasn't in it.

Then the other day I thought it's my channel so I'll do what I want with it...and if that means not put a video up for a few weeks...so be it.
Well I can safely say that my Youtube mojo is back, I have a ton of videos planned, a ton already filmed just needing to be edited and one should be up Monday for your viewing pleasure...

I'm also finally going to be filming my Q&A soon too so be sure to leave your questions below, or use the hashtag #AskHayleyD on twitter or Instagram.

And if you have anything you'd love me to film please let me know.

I finally feel as though I can take on the youtube world again.

Happy youtubing and all that...

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Yay! I can't wait for you to start making videos again but it's easily done to feel knocked back! Plus you have had every reason to not be as frequent! I get like that all the time with my blog and I always think is it even worth carrying on, but it's just one of those things that you feel in the mood for or don't. Blog hormones haha! xxxx

    1. lol Blog hormones indeed... I always have them.