I'm Thinking Of Christmas Gift Ideas Already!

Every year I always say that I'm going to make lists, and sort all the presents out sooner rather than later. Unfortunately this never actually happens and I'm usually found running around like a lunatic on Christmas Eve trying to grab things for everyone.

This year is going to be different though,
well a girl can only hope, I am going to write those lists and I am actually going to buy or make everything before December is even in sight.

I love nothing more than relaxing in the bath after a long hard day at work, letting the water wash away all my woes and stresses of the day. But I also think bath times can be fun, you can drift off into dream land, thinking about unicorns and fairies or what ever takes your fancy, or you can have yourself an indulgent pamper night filled with bath bombs and face-masks, or you could even spend an hour in there watching Netflix on your phone.

Please tell me there is someone else out there who does this too, or is it only me???

Lol today's post features a lovely gift idea for any bath lovers out there and guess what, nothing is from Lush...shock horror right?!

Don't get me wrong I adore Lush and all their wonderful creations, but for a girl who over spends literally every month, Lush can sometimes be a tad too expensive for me.
I remember those days before Lush was around where I would go to either Boots, Superdrug, or Woolworths...who remembers Woolworths??? and I would buy all the cheap bath bits. I had the biggest collection of bath fizz tablets and a radox box of salts was always on my shelf.

Oh how I miss having a muscle soak radox bath, I may need to hunt a box down after writing this post.

Enough rambling and trips down memory lane, let's get on with today's post.

I was in Wilko the other day and found the cutest thing...a tiny bath tub. Yes I did say a tiny bath tub. They have a lovely range called Fruits where you can pick up anything from the tiny bath tub, to bath bombs, even hand soap. I of course had to pick up a few items.
I got two of the tubs, one clear one and one glittery one. (I only took one picture of the glittery one, as I thought the clear just looked a little better with the other bits in). I also got four bath bombs and five face-masks.
I haven't tried any yet as I'm saving them to give away as a present, but they all smell lovely. I will be grabbing some cellophane and wrapping it around the tub, which I will fill with these lovely goodies, with a lovely Christmas ribbon tied around the top. Let me know if you would like a post showing you how to create the look I mention...

My idea is to have a mix but I reckon it would look really nice if you chose the same colours and made up a little package too.
Have you started thinking about Christmas gift ideas yet?

I have a ton in mind so look out for a few more posts coming soon...

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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