Halloween Kids Costume Wishlist

I bet you've just read that title and thought "hang on, Hayley doesn't have any Kids, does she?"

Well no, at the moment I don't, so you where right to think it.

But I thought I'd
share with you how my crazy mind works and what my children (when I have them) would wear on Halloween night!

Still with me everyone? Lol

For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with Halloween and all the dressing up and fun to be had. I have so many costumes myself so eventually when I do have children, these are the sort of costumes I'd love them to wear.

Belle Costume
My daughter would definitely have a Belle costume, I love Belle so much and she's my favourite Disney character, so I'm sure my obsession with her would rub off.

Witches Costumes
I literally have about six witch costumes, so my daughter would at least need two in her collection. :) Theses two are lovely ones, and very similar to the Hocus Pocus Sanderson sisters outfits. Who remembers that movie?

Cheeky Monkey Costume
Even as a baby my child will be fully Halloweened up! lol Is that even a word? But you get what I mean. This little cheeky monkey costume is just so adorable.

Olaf Costume
How cute is this Olaf costume? I actually would love to wear this myself this Halloween... My child will definitely need this in their life.

Skull Costume
This one reminds me of a costume I had when I was about six. I loved it so much and even had matching shoes that I worn all year round after, so this is a must for my future child.

Hope you liked this tongue in cheek post!

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley