Another Collection Concealer I'm Absolutely Loving

Sorry for not posting yesterday, and for being late today, hope you don't mind. I've had quite a busy week at work and got back soo late that it slipped my mind that I hadn't finished a post I could hit publish on.

For wednesdays, today's post I thought I'd tell you about another concealer I picked up from Collection a few weeks back that I absolutely love. Remember my
post about the lasting perfection one...
I've always wanted to try one of those fancy looking twisty concealer sticks from the likes of YSL etc, but for some reason I just never had. Possibly the high price tag? Who knows...
Collection are onto a winner here, well even if a non fancy twisty concealer virgin says so.

I picked up the Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer, a brightening concealer that has a lightweight formula and is easily blendable. Well that's what they say...

Here's why I love it.

Firstly I love the look of the packaging, very slick and the writing doesn't rub off. Yay happy days... Lol okay so if you didn't know, the writing always rubs off on the lasting perfection one, and I don't know why but it just really annoys me.
I chose shade Naked 1, and I think this is a really good match for my pale skin. This time of year my skin tends to be more pale and gets dry very quickly.

With some concealers they tend to cling to all my dry patches but this doesn't cling at all. I also find this so much nicer to apply than the concealers that come in the lipgloss style packaging.
It somehow feels more clean and hygienic to use. I really like that you twist it and have just the right amount you need for each area needing coverage. The coverage isn't as high as I'd like for those really spotty days I can get, but for a light coverage especially under the eyes it is perfect.

The texture feels really nice too and the brush is so smooth, I feel like I'm delicately painting it on in the mornings.

Like I said I just love this...

One down side though it runs out far too quickly for my liking. But hey at just £4.99 you can't really complain now can you?!

Have you tried this yet?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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