An Update On My Sister

Today I thought I'd write a little update on how my sister is doing.

Again I won't go into massive details about the situation and if you didn't read my first post I wrote about
what is happening it's here.

Darcy is still in the in-patients unit and has been having regular counselling sessions.

Every day is still a struggle with her emotions and she still has very dark days but on the whole she is responding well to all the doctors and nurses help.

I have visited her a much as I can and in a strange way all that has happened has seemed to have a positive effect on our relationship. We are really getting close again and I feel that all the small things I'm doing are really helping her.

I have even started writing my own quotes for her. I also have been doing a bit of research into how I can do more to help.

I suggested to Darcy that she start writing down a few thoughts that she has but doesn't feel confident enough to share with anyone, and I found out today that she has started recording her thoughts and has even said to one of her nurses that she wants to let her read some. This is such great news...

As I said before I have struggled with depression myself so I understand that this is going to be a long road of recovery for Darcy, but I feel that she is definitely on her way to reaching the start of the road.
I told Darcy that I wrote the post about her and that I hadn't felt like blogging and she actually told me off and said that I need to be blogging. Lol she knows me far too well. I definitely do need to be blogging I feel weird when I don't.

I hope you all don't mind when I put up more personal posts like this, and I want to thank everyone that sent well wishes. It was so lovely to read them.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Good luck with your sister. I really hope that you can help her and that you can have a very special connection. :)

    1. Thanks so much lovely I hope I'm helping too.

  2. I'm so happy she's doing well! I was just about to ask you but I saw your post, so thought I'd give it a read. Goes to show being there for someone goes a long way :)

    Tania xx

    1. Thank you yes I really feel that she is happier now we're getting closer again. It's still a long way till she's fully better but it's all going in the right direction. Thanks so much for your kind words sweetie means a lot!