9 Instagram Photos That Make Me Happy

Taking pictures is something I've always loved to do, even before I had a phone with a camera on, I would buy those throw away Kodak cameras and take tons of pictures. Now who remembers them?

I just love the fact that you can capture such precious memories and moments in a simply click. 

Over the years it's become one of my favourite hobbies too, especially
with the likes of Instagram and Snapchat, I'm forever taking pictures of anything and everything. My friends and family are so used to it now, they actually wait for me to take the needed Snapchat of my meal I'm about to eat. or that Instagram worthy shot of the amazing building I'm stood outside.

I mean hello I can't pass up any moments like this now can I?!

Every now and again I like to look back on my Instagram pictures and remember the moments I've captured. So for today's post I thought I'd share a few of my pictures that just make me happy when I look back on them.

  1. Cake!! Lemon meringue pie to be specific. This is my all time favourite cake and I think this was actually eaten at my boyfriends birthday meal, so lots of happy memories there.
  2. I was so pleased with how my nails looked after painting them with the Barry M sunset polish in summer, that of course I had to share a pic.
  3. A giant plate of sausage rolls anyone? Lol I made these not long after moving in with Anthony so I think back to then when ever I look at this pic.
  4. A heart on the pavement, I see this little heart every morning on my way to work and it just makes me smile.
  5. Anthony now isn't he gorgeous?! Okay so obvs I'm a little biased but I just love this pic of him.
  6. This was taken on mine and Anthony's first Christmas living together in the flat. I still remember how cute our little tree was. (you can just about make it out behind my giant head).
  7. Hahaha a teeny tiny raspberry! I have a thing for tiny fruit okay...
  8. Me and Darcy having some toilet selfie fun, as you do! Lol oh what fun we've had in numerous toilets over the years.
  9. Pebbles... This is my cute little dog Pebbles who no longer lives with me, :( but every time I look at this pic I remember the times she used to sit up with me for hours watching Netflix. Okay so she obvs wasn't watching it with me, but I love how we used to just chill together.

It's been so fun writing this post, thanks for reading it.

Love Hayley


  1. I guess if I was to make such a post, you'd see 9 pictures of my cat... Maybe two with my cat and my boyfriend together. xD But I love this idea. It's great you keep all these memories at heart.

  2. Fun post!

    Cat Kock goo.gl/GHsTHD