13 Personal Questions Tag

Twitter can be so fun, and such a source of knowledge for me. I love finding great posts from amazing bloggers and I often take inspiration from them. Saying that, said inspiration is coming in the form of today's post for you.

I found this tag on Twitter the other day, and
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9 Instagram Photos That Make Me Happy

Taking pictures is something I've always loved to do, even before I had a phone with a camera on, I would buy those throw away Kodak cameras and take tons of pictures. Now who remembers them?

I just love the fact that you can capture such precious memories and moments in a simply click. 

Over the years it's become one of my favourite hobbies too, especially
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I'm Thinking Of Christmas Gift Ideas Already!

Every year I always say that I'm going to make lists, and sort all the presents out sooner rather than later. Unfortunately this never actually happens and I'm usually found running around like a lunatic on Christmas Eve trying to grab things for everyone.

This year is going to be different though,
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A Sunday Stroll Along The River

On Sunday I decided that instead of being stuck in doors on my day off, I would take my new camera (get excited...post coming soon all about it), out and have a little explore around outside. I was just going to venture to my local park and see what caught my eye, but my boyfriend suggested that I come to work with him.

You see he works in Staines and suggested that I have a stroll along the River Thames,
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Warm Winter Coats Wishlist

Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year, I love that the days and nights are getting cooler I definitely don't love the really cold days! and you can start layering up all your clothes and getting all your winter jumpers, scarves and coats back out to wear to death.

I really don't need a new coat,
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I've Finally Got My Youtube Mojo Back

As I'm sure you've all seen I've been a bit MIA over on my Youtube channel. After the events involving my sister, (read the post here), I really wasn't feeling either my blog or my youtube channel.

I was rightly so, far more concerned with my sister and family.
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Another Collection Concealer I'm Absolutely Loving

Sorry for not posting yesterday, and for being late today, hope you don't mind. I've had quite a busy week at work and got back soo late that it slipped my mind that I hadn't finished a post I could hit publish on.

For wednesdays, today's post I thought I'd tell you about another concealer I picked up from Collection a few weeks back that I absolutely love. Remember my
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MMM ~ Rimmel Super Curler 24hr Mascara

I recently picked up this new mascara, and to be totally honest with you, I hadn't intended to do a review post. I genuinely just fancied grabbing a new one and not thinking okay let's review the hell out of this.

But I have to write this post as I bloody love this little lovely.
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Halloween Kids Costume Wishlist

I bet you've just read that title and thought "hang on, Hayley doesn't have any Kids, does she?"

Well no, at the moment I don't, so you where right to think it.

But I thought I'd
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Two New Shows On Netflix You Just Have To Watch

So you all know I have a small addiction to Netflix right. Ha who am I kidding I would die without it. Okay so slight over exaggeration there but you all know I love it yes?!

Well I have recently watched
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The Purple Just Had To Go

I love purple you all know that right! If you didn't where have you been for the past year? Lol

I love purple so much that when I started blogging of course I had to have a purple background now didn't I. Well recently the time came that the purple just had to go.
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An Update On My Sister

Today I thought I'd write a little update on how my sister is doing.

Again I won't go into massive details about the situation and if you didn't read my first post I wrote about
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