Review ~ I Love... Peachy Passionfruit

I want to talk about two lovely products today that I am obsessed with. Okay I know I say that about almost everything I review on here, but these are just gorgeous and smell good enough to eat. If only! 

The other week whilst browsing my local Superdrug as you do, I came across them and of course I just had to purchase them.
Both are from the I Love...Cosmetics brand, a brand I actually haven't seen in-store before. I know where have I been, according to the internet they have been around since 2008. Oh well at least I've found them now. 

First up is this gorgeous body butter. Containing both Shea butter and Coconut oil, a winning combination in my eyes. It's the perfect body butter/cream and sinks into the skin so easily, leaving you feeling smooth and nourished. And the smell, now don't even get me started on that.
Perfection in a bottle. Okay so not really a bottle but you know what I mean!

Then I couldn't just get one thing I had to grab the shower gel too. As if I wasn't already in love with the smell of the butter, this is even better. Plus if you wash your hair with it, you'll have all day long loveliness.

So what does it actually smell like you ask?
Well nothing like peach or passionfruit, to me they smell like murray mints! Who know's what I'm talking about? Murray mints are hard boiled sweets that taste so lovely all minty, fruity and toffee like if that can even be a combination.

"murray mints, murray mints, to good to hurry mints"

That's a quote from the old ads, watch this video now for a laugh.
So if you aren't weirded out by the strange way I just described the smell/scent of these lovely products I definitely recommend you at least have a smell when your next in store. 

Let me know if you grab anything from the range. Also look out for a wishlist post from this great brand coming soon.

Have a fab day everyone
Love Hayley


  1. This ad is so adorable. I love oldfashioned stuff like that. Thanks for sharing it. :D
    I think I've seen a few of those products around but not that particular scent. Sounds really interesting. :)

    1. It's great isn't it. There are tons of them on youtube. Let me know if you try this one I love it.