Big Blogger Conference

Who remembers my little chocolate filled fun day out? (Read the post here)

Well the lovely ladies that organised that fun day hosted the Big Blogger Conference a few weeks back, and I was lucky enough to attend.

The conference was held in the beautiful (instagram picture worthy) Hotel Russell, in the heart of London. I took so many pictures of the stunning interior that I may need to write a separate post just for them. (Let me know if you want to see them all in a picture heavy post!).
The day kicked off with three really informative talks hosted by three amazing bloggers. First was a talk about "how to make money from your blog". Sarah (The Prosecco Diaries), explained so much including the fact that you really don't need to feel embarrassed asking brands for a little money if they want you to write a Post for them. Other items she mentioned which I found interesting were a little about affiliate programs and how they work and setting up your own graphic design store if you love designing blog headers etc. Watch this space for a HayleyD design shop... 

The second talk was about all things Pinterest. Elizabeth (Rosalilium) is the uk Pinterest ambassador and had soo many useful tips for us. From how Pinterest can actually help get you more views and reader engagement. To how by simple adding a few more lines to the description section you can expect more engagement with your shared pins. I still need to sort my pins but if you fancy a look at my boards here they are!

The last was all things SEO. I am still pretty clueless when it comes to the more technical side of blogging but this was soo helpful. Jasmin (Jasmin Charlotte) gave the talk and she was amazing at explaining it in a way I could really understand. She has a ton of posts like this one, all about it which I've been reading up on so go take a look now if your in need of some techy help like me! 

After the talks we popped out for quick bite of food, then it was back inside the stunning Hotel Russell for the brand exhibition. I'd seen tweets and emails from @ldnmeetup about which brands would be there on the day but, I was blown away by how amazing the brands and their products really were.
Here's all the brands that I got the chance to meet on the day..
House of Fraser
My Protein
Suti Skincare
Bee Good
Heaven Skincare
The Gifting Lounge
Look Fantastic
Made by Jade
Hopefully I haven't missed any but as you can see there were some greats brands there.

My favourites had to be..

Suti Skincare, Heaven Skincare, and Made by Jade. Everyone was just so lovely to speak to and it was lovely finding out more about their fab products. I have been given a few samples to try so look out for them on the blog soon. 

I had such a fun and informative day, and met some amazing bloggers.

The girls from @ldnmeetup really out did themselves and I do hope they have another conference next year as I'm definitely attending.

I want to give a special thanks to the lovely Lauren (My Lavender Tinted World). She was my companion for the day and put up with me vlogging around her the whole time! Lol 
Here's my vlog if you fancy a watch. Also as you can see I got the chance to meet the lovely Amy Farquar too. Woop woop

It really was such a fabulous day!

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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