What I'd Be Doing Now If I Wasn't On Youtube

While writing the posts for my Youtube blog takeover I kept having a recurring thought.. "What would I be doing now if I wasn't making videos?".

Well to be totally honest with you
I have absolutely no clue... But here's a few things that once I sat down and thought about it came to mind.

  • I mean I would probably still be watching YT videos as I am obsessed with them.
  • I also would still be buying a ton of stuff I clearly don't need. (watch my monthly faves here to see what I buy regularly).
  • I would probably know what was happening on Eastenders now. Is Phil Mitchell dead?
  • I would be tucked up in by by nine each night as I wouldn't have videos/vlogs I needed to watch.
  • Basically I would go back to just being rather boring. (not saying non youtubers are boring by the way, just me!).
  • I'd have nothing to talk to my work colleagues about. (actually this would probably be a good thing).
  • My boyfriend would get sick of me always wanting to sit on the sofa and cuddle.
  • According to him I would be sitting with him and not on here writing this post. lol
  • I wouldn't know how to almost achieve the perfect eye-liner. (now that would be terrible wouldn't it?!).
  • I probably wouldn't be blogging either as I would never have found out about blogs/blogging. (yes I did just say that..).
  • I would never have learnt that people can genuinely be just so lovely after I upload a video.
So basically as you can see my life would be pretty rubbish if I hadn't of finally taking the plunge and uploading my first video way back when.
I've bloody loved doing this Youtube takeover on here, I hope you've all enjoyed it too. Here's my channel link if you fancy popping over and watching a few videos..

Monday will be the last of my Youtube themed posts. So I thought what better way to mark #AYearOnYoutube then with a Q&A video. It'll be my first so ask away. I have been tweeting all week asking everyone to ask me questions using the hastag #AskHayleyD so you can pop over there and leave me a question or leave one below.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley 


  1. Actually that's a question I never asked myself. I'd never want to go back. :) I love blogging and YT too much.

    1. Lol it is something that scares me because I'd be lost with my blog and YT now!