New Youtubers I'm loving

On Monday you read who my favourite Youtbers were. (here's the post if you didn't) Well today
I thought I'd mention a few new Youtubers who I've found recently and become rather obsessed with.
The first is the lovely Karishma. I met her last year while queuing to meet Lily & Anna. We started chatting and one thing we both said was that we'd love our own channels so I'm so happy that she has finally joined the youtube bandwagon like me. She is a natural at this whole youtubing thing and her tutorials are amazing. She is a lovely girl with stunning Kardashian looks. If you love make up tutorials and celeb inspired looks you need to subscribe to her now.
Elle (The Elle Next Door) is the next lovely lady I want to talk about. I found her on twitter, firstly becoming obsessed with her stunning blog and amazing fashion sense. Then she started Youtube videos. Things couldn't have got better. Lol Elle is so funny and I would actually love it if she was my bff. Go subscribe to her now you won't regret it.
Next is Lauren (Britton Loves), another lovely lady I found through twitter and her great blog. Lauren is such a happy person and every time I watch her videos I come away feel really happy and ready to take on the world. She is so cute, and such a lovely girl. She even gave me advice about which camera to buy. Head over and subscribe to her fab channel now.

I'm going to leave it with these lovely ladies for now. I have to keep a few for future posts now don't I?!

Have you got any new Youtubers you think I should subscribe to? Leave their links below.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

p.s here's my channel link again if your not subscribed yet!

(all pictures taken from google)


  1. Love these recommendations! <3

    1. All three are lovely.. Let me know what you think of their vids etc!