My Favourite Videos I've Uploaded

A few of my videos have been epic fails! (there still on my channel so head over now and see which ones you reckon are the fails). But a few I have absolutely loved filming, editing and uploading. I thought today I would share my favourite ones with you.

Okay so my favourite has to be my #ADayInTheLife vlog with my mum. We had such a fun day and she was hilarious to film, plus when I was editing I was laughing so damn hard. I could of made the video double the time as she was a natural in front of the camera. I may get her in a few more. Any ideas anyone?
My Sick Day Pick Me Ups is another one I love, I was due to film a different video the day I filmed this but I had a stinking cold and just felt rather crap in general. So out of the blue the idea for this came about and I thought why not. Fun times..
I couldn't talk about my favourite videos without mentioning my first impressions video featuring the most amazing mascara in the land the Lancome Grandiose Mascara. Haha okay so it really is a fab mascara and if you haven't tried it yet. Why the hell not? Also this video has my most views to date so yay for Lancome.
Okay so if you love over sharing you'll love this. I had such fun doing the Guilty Pleasures tag. I may have over shared just a tad but to be honest I do that anyway in my normal (weird) life. Also no clue why I'm holding a random red pen throughout the video.

Hahaha so I could name a few more but I'll leave it at these four, for today.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

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