My Favourite Monthly Favourites!

Monthly favourites are some of my favourite videos to watch on Youtube. I also love filming them and have been popping one onto my channel every month this year so far. I'm hoping
to continue and being a shopaholic I'm sure I'll find more wonderful things to mention in them.

For today's post I've rewatched a few of mine and I thought I'd share a few that either show items you all need to go out and grab, or just a few I've loved filming.
First is January's in which I showed a great beauty book by Sali Hughes Pretty Honest, I did a review of the book too (you can read that here). Also this one was where I decided that monthly favourites was something I really wanted to do regularly on my channel and it's where my new theme for the thumbnails started.
Next has to be February's. It was my birthday month and I really enjoyed sharing a few things that I got for my birthday. Also there is a stunning mascara which you all need if you haven't already got it. Plus how cool does my birthday card look which my boyfriend got me?!
I have to share October's too as this was my first ever monthly favourites. Also with it being October and Halloween (my favourite time of year) of course I had to dress up. I do mention quite a bit of food, but I do love my food now don't I?!
Last one is March's, this one was fun to film. Also I mention quite a few beauty bits including my all time favourite mascara and a great over night mask.

Like I said I love to watch and film these so hope you like them too.

Here's the playlist if you fancy checking the rest out!

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

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  1. I have never been really interested in Monthly Favorites videos, don't know why. I like watching yours, though, because they are short and quick and I really enjoy that. :) You don't babble on for 20 minutes! :)

    1. Lol I do just get on with it don't I?! ;) some can be very long but I'm nosey I want to know what great products others are trying!