An App That Every Youtuber Needs

Being a Youtuber and working full time means that sometimes it's hard to get time to sit down and write back to comments on your videos.

Well something I have found that is a really useful tool is this the Youtube Creator Studio App. Lily Pebbles recommended it in her 'What's in my iPhone' video and ever since I downloaded I use it almost daily. It is great for not only replying to comments but it's also great for checking your analytics and video views. I love looking at it the day after I upload my video to see how many people have watched it before I go mad and share my video all over Social Media.

You can also edit the info in the description box, which again is so handy as sometimes I forget to add things when I first upload.
This is something I can't recommend enough for any Youtuber out there. New or Old.

Let me know if you get the app.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

p.s my channel is here if you fancy a look.


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