Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brushes

For my birthday back in February I got a voucher from my lovely work colleagues and decided to get myself this lovely set of Real Technique brushes.
This set is the duo fibre set. I had never used duo fibre brushes before, but these are amazing.
I was a little scared to use them at first as I wasn't too sure if they would help achieve the sort of coverage I was after as I like a really good strong coverage especially when I'm at work. But I couldn't have been more mistaken. These are absolutely brilliant for giving you great coverage and they blend everything amazingly well. I have recently started using the Infallible foundation (review coming soon) and I don't even need a cc or bb cream before hand. Now it could be the fab foundation but I seriously think that these are helping aswell. 

So duo fibre. What does it mean? What does it do? These are questions I had when I first heard about them. 

Well it means that they have two layers of hairs/bristles to help build, blend and overall give a lightweight texture when applying either cream, powder or liquid. Because they have two layers of bristles you can use them in any number of ways. 
Face Brush
Contour Brush
Eye Brush
I especially love using the tiny eye brush. It's great for eyeshadow obviously but it's also great for concealer. I use mine to lightly apply it and if I need more it's so easy to go back in and add a little more. The face brush is so soft and feels so lovely on the skin. I've only used this for powder but I imagine it would be great for bronzer too. And the contour brush, again obviously great for contour but I love using mine to blend in my foundation. It makes everything look so flawless and I love how quick it is to blend everything in. 
These are now my go to brushes. I think my set must have been a christmas edition because I can't find them online at the moment but they have a great white handled set now that you all need. Well if you want them...

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Oohhh I love this review and I'm now tempted to pick these up too! I bought brushes from the first release of RT and haven't picked up any new ones since. . Think its about time!!

    Xo Lottie

    1. Oh yes grab these I'm obsessed with them and as you know there my go to brushes!! I'd be list without them and can't recommend them enough! Let me know uf you get a set!

  2. I have not seen these about, but these seem different! I a fan of Real Techniques' brushes. I honestly would not have expected 2 layers of bristles to work but sounds like it does! xx

    1. I felt the same but these are amazing and I much prefer them to the original RT brushes.