My Haircare Essentials

Today I thought I'd do a post all about my haircare essentials. Now before I start I have to say that I am sooooo lazy with my hair. I hardly ever
blow dry it, I hardly ever get it cut. Plus on the days I have work it's literally shoved on the top of my head and I'm done. But there are a few things that I need to have in my life so here they are..
Dry Shampoo
Now dry shampoo I literally can't live without his now. Read this to find out why.. I don't have a particular favourite atm, any will do especially on those days I don't have time or want to wash my hair. It has become my life savour. It's so nice not having to think that I always need to wash my hair these little cans of magic are right there saving the day.

Leave In Conditioner
This is something I used years ago but just sort of stopped, No clue why! But it's back in my haircare routine and I love it. This Aussie one is amazing, I only bought it recently after using up quite a few sample size ones from old beauty boxes I had lying around. I love how this helps keep my hair looking shiny and also on those days in between washing my hair it's not as greasy as it can get. This is staying put as part of my haircare routine for sure now.
Hair Spray
Okay so hair spray, I don't reach for this everyday, but it's nice knowing I have it on my shelf for when I need it. Elnett for my is the best hairspray. Over the years I have tried allsorts and this for me is the only one that doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or give me that crunch when ever you happen to forget you have any in and touch your hair. Also when I was younger I used so much that I'd have a grey look to my hair. Thank god I've out grown that stage. All slick back and sides.

Coconut Oil
This coconut oil from Garnier is brilliant plus I've had it for over a year and it hardly looks touched. I love the smell of this and the texture isn't too oily which for me is great as I'm still getting used to this whole let's use oils on the skin and hair thing. My hair needs a cut drastically but when I have freshly cut ends this makes my hair look amazing and tames that frizz.
Hair Bands & Elastics
For me my hair bands have to be the ones that don't have the metal clips, these used to wreck my hair years ago so I'm so grateful that there's now an alternative. Some of my favourite places to get non metal ones are Supermarket's like Sainsbury's. Plus Boots & Superdrug do some great packs, and there so cheap. As for elastics I wear these literally all the time. I love plaiting my hair and these for me are best for securing the ends. They can be a bit fiddly to use but once you get the hang of it, they make your plaits look so much better than when you use a big band.

Da Clip
Okay so I am pinching Essie Buttons tag but I would be lost without da clip. I have had it for about 15 years. No joke. It was my mum's first and then it found it's way into my bedroom, you know how that can sometimes happen. Lol I like this one as it doesn't snag on my hair and it keeps everything in place which is brilliant as some clips don't hold for long. I literally would die if I lost this thing..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. My hair care essentials are pretty similar to this! I absolutely love Aussie leave in conditioner - all of their products smell amazing!

    Xo Lottie

    1. Lol yes i love the smell of the aussie products too!! All are just lovely!!