Learning To Enjoy The Simple Things In Life

Last week I had a lovely break from work and thoroughly enjoyed my time off. I didn't have anything planned and you know what I've actually had the best week in such a long time.

My boyfriend (Anthony) had the week off aswell so we spent a lot of time eating out, going to the cinema and just enjoying each others company. I even finally got him on Snapchat! This was the first week since we've moved in together that we actually just spent a whole week together not thinking about anything too serious, like which bill we had to pay or which food we should buy in our weekly shop. I mean we did do the weekly shop but you know what I mean.
It was just lovely being with him like the old days of when we first got together. We woke up each day without the annoying sound of the alarm going off. (wow that is the life now isn't it) We ate what ever we wanted, (don't slate me I am getting back on the healthy person band wagon this week). We went on walks, we even went to Westfield. Yes I do have a lovely boyfriend who let's me shop! I know I'm a lucky lady.

But really the thing I've loved most is that we are just so comfortable in each others company. Like on Friday we just had the most lazy day, me sat in my pjs blogging and Anthony sat playing on his ps4. Bliss..
Now that I'm in my thirties (only just by the way..) I feel like I am finally comfortable in my own skin, I'm happy with my relationship, I'm loving my flat and I'm loving my little blogging and youtubing world. But the thing I love the most is just all the simple things.
Like having cereal just for me, (my family is massive 3 brothers & 2 sisters so a lot of sharing occurred), being able to just get up early and pop the tv on and watch all the girly crap I want. Having a messy flat if I want to. Sitting in a bath full of Lush goodies for hours. Listening to music on the bus home, also that nice comment someone leaves me on here, or that tweet I get sent. Plus having a little cuddle with my boyfriend.

Life for me is all about the little things at the moment. I'm trying to live in the moment more and enjoy life. I'm not going to lie and say everything is always rosie, there are a few things that still get to me like I'd love a different career, plus I'd love to be fit and healthy instantly but really I'm trying to keep in mind that I'm happy so those little annoyances don't need to worry me any more.

I'm trying to have the mindset now that I'm happy and loving so life so when the little annoyance happen I don't get pulled down by it all.

I make me happy!

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Wow, this was such an amazing and inspirational post. I honestly thank you for that. It was exactly what I needed now. :) I totally agree about the "little things" which sometimes aren't so little after all. Have you done the tag where you're supposed to say 10 things or so that make you happy? You should. It makes you realize how beautiful and precious life really is. :)

    1. Aaaww hun that's soo lovely if you to say. No I've never done that tag but yes i might do that sounds fun!

  2. Great post babes! It really is lovely just to get back to basics of spending time together. Currently I'm working 14:00 til 22:00 and dear husband is on 06:00 until 14:00 so we like never see each other :-( really hoping to get some time like you guys did just to reconnect! Also you are so right that the older we get the more comfortable we becom with ourselves...us late twenties/early thirties ladies are killing it lol xx

    1. Aaawww thanks so much hun! Really hope you get some time with hubby again soon! And yes we are literally killing it now lol bring on 40...