I'm Open For Business

I'm sure every girl (well everyone I know) would love more money every now and then. Well I am absolutely terrible with money so I always want/need more money.  I get so carried away spending that by the 5th of each month I'm pretty skint.

A few things I'm trying atm to help with my spending habits are budgeting (I'll talk about that another day), not taking my card out with me, and not going out ever! One last thing is selling unwanted items. This last one is not a new thing for me, as years ago I sold a bit on Ebay and to my friends. But I thought I'd give Depop a go. I have seen so many bloggers use it and always thought it's a great idea. I like the idea of doing a blog sale but each one I see, there's always items that don't sell very quickly unless it's something like an Urban Decay palette. So Depop it is.

Here's a few things I have for sale now..
Two Gosh mascara's.
Claudia Canova bag.
Tanya Burr lashes.
Collection powder.
So my little Depop shop is now open for business, pop along and see if there's anything you want. Search itsjustmehdh for my shop.

I'm not going to have anything too expensive on there as it'll never sell. Also I'm not sticking to fashion and beauty bits. I've got books and possibly some of my art work which I may try and flog. Well I may open an Etsy shop for that someday. Not sure if I've ever mentioned that I love to paint on here, well if I haven't you know now. Look out for arty posts soon.

I am also thinking of selling decorated candles as I like to give these as Christmas gifts.

Have any of you got a Depop shop?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Please share some of your art here, hun!

    1. Lol I will very soon I promise. ;)