Newbies In My Stash ~ Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipsticks

I picked up two lipsticks from Max Factor the other day and absolutely love them both! I seem to have quite the obsession with red and pink lip shades atm. For years I haven't worn lipstick preferring to stick to lip balms and lip crayons from the likes of Bourjois and Carmex, and feel like it's time to give lipsticks a chance again. When I was younger first getting into make-up I was obsessed with them, I had every colour from red to light blue. Yes I did say light blue! I wore it in winter and thought I looked so cool all frozen ice queen and everything.. Thank god there are no pictures..

Lipsticks got shoved to the side when I got older and my skin started getting dryer and more sensitive. I found them too annoying to wear they would sit in all the wrong places on my lips, smudge really badly and I had that horrid ring of lipstick left around my lips far too often so I just didn't wear lipstick for years. Over the past few years I have become more adventurous with my make-up again and decided that I'd try everything at least once. So lipsticks have gradually been coming back onto my shopping wishlists and as for the colours well someone said to me years ago that red was my colour so why not. Plus I'm now way better at applying make-up.
Ruby Tuesday
Bewitching Coral
The two I picked up are from the Colour Elixir range. First is a lovely red Ruby Tuesday, second is a gorgeous coral Bewitching Coral. Both really suit my skin tone and are really creamy. My fave has to be Ruby Tuesday. I feel so ready for the day when I wear it. I love how long lasting they are and they don't sit on the lips in the way I described above. Plus they are very moisturising which is great, I think they are very similar to the Bourjois Lip Crayons I love. 
Don't they look gorgeous! What's your favourite shade to wear?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley