My Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes

Okay so the title could have been My Top 5 BarryM polishes but I actually didn't realise when I was picking my favourites that they would all end up being from BarryM.
I do love BarryM now though don't I so it's no surprise that at least a few would have been in my top 5, but oh well here's my top 5 summer colours ft BarryM..
First up is my ultimate summer colour 308 Berry which is a gorgeous light lilac/purple colour. I've had this one for years and drag it out every year. I just love wearing it on my nails as it makes me feel very happy. I mean who doesn't love purple right? :)
Blueberry//On My Red//Prickly Pear//Peach Melba//Berry
Next is a lovely light blue colour 425 Blueberry, from the Gelly Hi-Shine set. I really like how it's not too baby blue as I'm not the biggest blue fan. But this is an exception I mean it's gorgeous isn't it!

A lovely peachy nude colour now, 318 Peach Melba. Everyone needs a peach in their collection. For me it's the essential summer colour. Every time I see some else with peach nails I instantly want to go home and paint mine peach. (I actually currently have it on my nails).
A stunning red from the new Sunset Daylight Curing range 509 Out Of Red now. This is a newbie to my stash and I absolutely love it. Red is my go to colour if I want to feel ready for anything. It makes me feel fierce and ladylike all at the same time.

Lastly is another purple obviously. This ones a grey toned lilac shade again from the Gelly Hi-Shine set 423 Prickly Pear. I love this it looks so lovely on the nails and I think I may paint my nails with this next time.
What's your favourite summer colour for your nails?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

(some links are similar colours as I couldn't find a the originals online, sorry)


  1. I love lavender tone colors for spring and summer. :) So pretty.

    1. Lavender colours are my most favourite all year round really.. It makes me happy wearing it. What's your fav?