My Simple Skincare Routine

I am always on the hunt for the best skincare I can get my hands on. But I have to be realistic and realise I never have enough money to go round after all the new eye shadow palettes I keep buying so expensive skincare is a little out of reach for me. Usually like most of you I'm sure, I'll head to Boots or Superdrug to see what they have to offer. Plus I am always on the hunt for a bargain so when I saw that Superdrug had an offer on the Simple Skincare range I had to take a look and decided I would go a little mad and buy the lot. Did any of you see my pic on Instagram?

So what did I get? Well I have two eye products, two face wash/scrub products, a micellar water, a toner and a moisturiser. Like I said I got the whole range. Well almost the whole range. lol This could be why I have hardly any money!
Let me tell you about the eye products first. Both are from the Kind to Eyes range. First is the Soothing Eye Balm, an eye cream to use every morning and evening. This is lovely and very soothing just as it states. I'm hoping that with continued use my laughter lines will vanish.. Then my favourite thing in the whole bunch is the Revitalising Eye Roll-On. This is for using in the mornings when your eyes need that little extra pick me up. Basically when you've had too many late nights staying up watching big brother. I love the sensation of the roller ball, its so cold and refreshing I could use it all day long just to keep me cool. It even made a feature in my May Favourites..
Next is the Micellar Water from the Kind to Skin range, I actually think I like this better than the Garnier one. (which I love) The whole thing about micellar waters are that they just take your make-up off so easily, I use two cotton wool pads and literally just swipe my make-up off effortlessly. I'm currently trying out an oily make-up remover too which I'll tell you about at a later stage but this is great even for taking all that mascara off, which we all struggle with now don't we.
Toner and moisturiser next, Both are again from the Kind to Skin range and I love them. The Toner is so refreshing and great for my sensitive skin. Plus I really like the feeling of my skin after I have applied it, really soft and fresh. The Moisturiser is lovely very quick to absorb and keeps my skin really well moisturised for the whole day. Plus it's quite a light cream which is great and doesn't sit on the skin for ages so applying my make-up in the mornings is even quicker now.

Lastly are the face wash and face scrub. I am trying to get away from using face scrubs all the time as I really believe that they do more harm them help for acne prone, sensitive skin which I have. I got the Age Resisting Face Wash from the Regeneration range which I am fast becoming obsessed with. I use this every day morning and evening and it is such a lovely face wash, Very creamy formula and containing green tea it is great for skin renewal and replenishment. I had to grab a Scrub too as every now and then I just need to give my face a good scrub. Habit probably but I couldn't not get one. I have been good though and only used it three times so far, all three times have been when I have had a really bad flair up of spots and just felt like I needed to scrub all the grime away. It's not too harsh a scrub and I'm glad I got it as I think my skin is enjoying not being scrubbed every day and just every now and then.

So what do I think of the brand, well I love it all. I'm currently having a pms week so my skin is not behaving itself but overall the appearance and general feel of my skin is really good and I'm really glad I've gone for a more gentle skincare range.

Have you tried anything from Simple?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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