MMM ~ Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Another MMM post for you today. This time featuring
a lovely freebie I got from Twitter the other day. +Beauty at Tesco were having a giveaway and one of my lovely Twitter friends sent me the link to choose between either a Max Factor mascara or an Olay Facial cream. Of course I had to have the mascara. I mean if your a regular reader you'll know I have quite the addiction. If your a new reader ''my name is Hayley, I am a mascara addict!''
I got the False Lash Effect mascara which luckily I hadn't tried before so it was a double bonus. Free gift and something new to try. Yay!

I knew even before trying this mascara that I would love it. Firstly it smells lovely, (yes I did say smell, I have a thing about the smell of mascara's. If it has 'the smell' it will be a good one!). Also the wand is very similar to the Bourjois Volume Seconde mascara which is my all time favourite mascara.
It has a plastic rubbery wand that has tiny little bristle that grip to your lashes brilliantly and really help achieve that false lash look, yet keep them looking natural. Just as it states. I love when a product states something and it is actually true! It is on the chubby side, but I think that actual helps when applying the mascara. Also being chubbier it means it doesn't take too long to apply and you don't need much layering as it seems to just give you perfect lashes almost instantly. I am very much a fan of this and can't believe I haven't tried it before.

I might try the waterproof version next as someone told me it leaves your lashes looking even more like false lashes. Now I'm all for that.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. I love this mascara and I've been using it for years!!! It is just amazing. The 24hr waterproof one is good but I tend to use that one for when I'm on holiday as it is a lot harder to remove than the normal one. But you can put it on knowing it won't budge all day! My favourite mascara ever. X

    1. Jenny it's soo great isn't it! Possibly my favourite mascara ever now too!!