Mini Kiko Haul

The other day I went to Kiko again so I thought I'd share what I got with you today in a very mini haul.

First is a lovely Lipstick, yes my addiction to them is continuing and this is definitely already a favourite. I got a gorgeous pinky red luscious cream lipstick no514 Magenta which is so lovely on the lips. I'm going to feature it in an upcoming make-up tutorial. So watch this space. The packaging is lovely all sleek and silver and the little pop when you open it is really fun. They had so many lovely lipsticks in the creamy section so I will be buying more soon.
Next are two more eyeshadows to go in my clic system palette. I have no220 Golden Rose a peachy pink colour and no216 Pearly Nutmeg a dark brown colour. Both are lovely and will fit in with the other neutral shades I already have in my palette. They swatched brilliantly so can't wait to use them properly.
Just a short post today hope you don't mind. Have a lovely weekend guys.
Love Hayley


  1. Love the Magenta lip sticks and the eyeshadows. :) Those are colors I would have chosen too. xo

  2. I'm yet to try Kiko products but they look really good - especially for the price! Those eyeshadows are lovely. Can't go wrong with a neutral :) x

    1. Jordan you definitely need to try some of their products everything I've tried so far I love.. Also yes I'm a neutral girl always..