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Lush is a shop that I absolutely adore. I mean who doesn't right? First is the amazing smell every time you enter the shop then the staff are just the most lovely of shop worker's. I always have the most lovely time in each and every one of their stores. Then you have the bath bombs & bars which are just too die for especially the comforter bubble bar, which is my ultimate bath time indulgent treat.

I actually haven't tried much from them other than their bath items though. I mean I look at all the other items on offer but never pick anything up. I'm not sure why, maybe its the thought of a lovely lush bath that makes me stick to buying the bath items who knows? But the over the past few weeks I have bought some things that are not bath items. Well two technically are but still!
Here's what I have, first is a lovely body scrub, then there's a very calming facemask and lastly is the lipscrub which I had on my On My Radar post for May.

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
I had been after a scrub for a while so thought I'd ask one of the lovely staff in store if they had anything to recommend. They said this was great, and I have to agree. It has the most lovely smell to it which stays with you for a while after using and the texture isn't too harsh which is great for me as I have quite sensitive skin. Also you can use it as a hair and scalp shampoo and scrub. I was a little unsure about putting it in my hair (I was actually terrified my hair would fall out!), but I had nothing to worry about as it felt lovely and really lathered up which felt very indulgent. This for me is the perfect all rounder body scrub.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Facemask
I love facemasks and have so many adorning my bathroom shelf that a lush one was a great addition to add to my ever growing collection. This has to be kept in the fridge for freshness though so I may need to find more for my shelf another day. This mask is packed full of face loving ingredients from rose oil to chamomile to help calm, soothe and gently cleanse the skin. It even has fresh blueberries in which smell and feel lovely on the skin. Because it's kept in the fridge it is so cooling on the skin and feels so nice after a long and hard day at work. A real lus(h)cious treat. See what I did there lus(h)cious treat/lush product! lol

Popcorn Lipscrub
Another item from my On My Radar post, plus something that I have wanted in my stash for so long is this lovely lipscrub. So many bloggers and youtubers swear by the stuff and I have been intrigued for so long. So finally I have it! What do I think? Well I bloody love the stuff. It took me a while deciding on which one to get as the strawberry one smells so good too, but the popcorn was my fav so I had to have it. Containing coconut and jojoba oil it is very moisturising and very tasty I actually licked it off my lips the first time I used it. Before you say it yes I know your not supposed to eat it but I sort of forgot it was a lipscrub and just did. I'm fine but obviously please don't try that at home! I have been using it before applying lipstick mostly but also when ever my lips feel dry. I am obsessed. My lips are not as dry any more and I love the feel of getting all the flaky bits off my lips.
Overall I am very pleased with my recent Lush purchases so will definitely be trying more from their other ranges soon.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

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